Spain, eliminated with their heads held high

Here ends the journey spanish selection in this one Europe championship. Those of Vilda leave the tournament with a bitter taste after being better than the hostess and putting on the ropes for 83 minutes to a team that failed to get their hands on Spain except in an isolated and controversial game.

before more than 30,000 subscribers in Englishthe Spanish team handcuffed a team that had just done 14 goals in the group stageno goal against and with a stadium at his feet. The Falmer Stadium of Brighton vibrated with theirs, but also fell silent when ‘la Roja’ dominated all facets of the game and took the lead thanks to a magnificent goal from Esther after an extraordinary play by Athena.

The party had all the conditions to be a hard shock. The previous one was packed with ‘Lionessas’ supporters near the ‘Las Gaviotas’ stadium, although Spanish fans who traveled to the English coastal town were noticed before the game and during it when the team held head to the host.

A preview with English colors and Spanish flavor

Before heading to the stadium, supporters of both teams visited the Fan Zone organized in Brighton. There we were able to enjoy ball games, murals on the history of women’s football and the occasional Spaniard who wanted to defy gravity in front of the many British fans who wanted to experience a festive day from the first hour.

A few hours before the match, we went to the stadium to see in situ the arrival of the players at the scene of the quarter-final clash. Although it is impossible to outnumber the locals, Spanish well-wishers from different parts of the world showed up.

Sarah and Teresa, hehe sisters who were to travel by ferry to England were present at the meeting to receive the bus and Liam WinhallEnglish fan of the national team, did not want to miss the arrival of his favorite footballers such as Lola Gallardo, Leila Ouahabi or Mapi León.

The English women’s vehicle arrived first and famous “It’s Coming Home”, the anthem of English football, began to resound throughout the stadium. The Spaniards lived the moment with respect and patiently awaited the arrival of their players. England fans left the box when Ellen White, Alessia Russo or Toone took the stage and made way for the fans of ‘Las Legendarias’ to receive with honors a team that deserved another final.

Spain managed to silence a packed stadium

How could it be otherwise, the Falmer stadium was completely filled with “three lions”. Fans of the English team filled the stands hoping to see a victory for their team and, why not, a loose result compared to what was seen in the group stage.

Spain was not intimidated by the unique atmosphere and jumped onto the Premier League stadium green in an effort to feel like a protagonist and forget that even 30,000 British they encouraged their footballers from the first minute of play.

The ace Bonmati, Patri Guijarro and Caldentey They started the duel without any kind of cowardice and started spinning coins that put the hearts of the British in a fist. Every play, every foul or every yellow card it was celebrated or lamented on a marvelous stage that clapped and shouted from beginning to end.

If many England fans had come to Brighton Stadium to enjoy a peaceful or easy game, they were wrong. The enormous quality of the Spanish obtained silence thousands of Britons that they started seeing wolf ears after several clear occasions of ours.

What if the scoring chances succeeded silence the English clamorthe Spanish goal converts the scene in a tomb. White striker Esther González scored the game’s first goal in the 54th minute after an unlikely play by Athena while the whole stadium was silent except for one bench that jumped for joy with Vilda in the lead and the ffriends who were behind the bench.

The Madrid coach asked his students for calm and head, but it is true that the nerves were on the surface and the game was gaining intensity as the minutes passed. Fans from different parts of England grew impatient and they won the award with seven remaining.

Stadium burst with joy and even in the press area, the England team journalists were quick to celebrate Toone’s goal as if it were a final, seeing the minutes left for the match to go ended. The ram of Manchester United took advantage of an error in the small area and returned the cries to a silent stadium for several minutes.

Misa’s anger and the Spanish resignation

However, a controversial foul on the England goal set off alarm bells on the Spanish bench and Misa paid for it with a can of drinks. The Real Madrid goalkeeper couldn’t bear the huge anger she had and he kicked a bucket to his right after seeing how the referee did not review an obvious foul Irene Paredes at the time of the goal.

The atmosphere relaxed with the arrival of the extension, but the calm would not last long. England managed to turn things around with a Great Stanway shoe from outside the area put the most absolute madness in the stands and between England’s alternates. The home side were seven minutes away from leaving the competition and were now in the semi-finals.

The marker did not move and in the last minutes the stands did everything to send the last breath to some players who had obtained the return reward after being on the ropes for many minutes of play. At the final whistle, the local bench was exhausted for its players and the English coach hugged his technical staff to release all the accumulated tension.

The other side of the coin, the Spanish players remained petrified on the playing field and it was the members of the technical staff who approached them to encourage them and congratulate them for the magnificent tournament they had achieved. Vilda didn’t want to miss the chance either and brought together the entire team on the ground to thank them for their fight and their dedication to a team that has silence 30,000 English people for over 80 minutes.

Spain leaves empty, but it will always be remembered an exceptional group and a few players who gave their lives for a shirt they defended with honors in a clash that was supposed to be easy for the English. The selection has enough wicker to dream and the World Cup 2023 held in New Zealand will be the next opportunity.

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