Rosalía completes her double in Madrid to the rhythm of her “motomamis”

The engines start and resonate to the rhythm of the various sets of lights on the stage, while a group of crouching dancers approach the central part of the stage, and between them is Rosalie, camouflaged between the illuminated helmets, honoring his new album “Motomami”. Thus began the artist’s second performance at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

Close to sold out on both dates, the singer repeated the stage so that her fans would not be left without seeing her. The high temperatures could not stop the emotion and the desire to attend it, the long queues and the crowded spaces near the hall continued to be present on this second day to enjoy the show of the singer.

“Girl, what are you saying” sounded from the middle of the stage, and it could only mean that the concert had started with “Saoko”. The new album played a special role in the beginning, with songs like “Candy”, “Biscuit” there “Notoriety”.

Accompanied by eight dancers, for this occasion, Rosalía dressed in a costume with a black and beige leather jacket and skirt that honored her “motomami” icon.

The artist showed very moved at the beginning because his family and friends were present and he also thanked the public for their presence. “I thought I was lucky to dedicate myself to what I love and to be able to continue making the music I want to make and the biggest ambition for me is that each of you have decided to be here” , said the singer. .

Quality audiovisual production

If anything stands out from this new show, it’s audiovisual quality who has. In addition to having studied each step of the choreographythe realization of the screens and the recordings are planned in detail and accompany each dance on stage.

There were several songs in which the dancers and even Rosalía herself carried mobile phones or cameras, with whom they recorded the show live and it was broadcast on the screens. “Linda” was proof of this work, with constant images of different colors that changed every second.

And almost deserted stage of musiciansin which there was constantly a cameraman who recorded by means of a steadicam who do you have it with cinematic effect and which absorbed the attention of the public towards the screens. There were many songs that danced to the rhythm of the broadcast images with the movements of the choreography. Among these songs is “Delirio de Grandeza”, in which there was a game of camera tricks while he sang.

Around 30 songs made up the setlist, where the instruments were not the protagonists. There were only two moments when the singer played piano, with “Hentai”, and guitar, with “Dolerme”.

Although throughout the performance a keyboardist was present who accompanied the melodies, and who was recognized when Rosalía interpreted “Sakura”in which the powerful timbre of his voice shone with style.

Bet on unreleased songs and versions

As has already happened in previous concerts, the artist continues to present three unreleased songs: “Isolation”, “Dinero y Libertad” and the applause “Despise”. The latter in particular had a great repercussion among the public, and it was during the first performance in Madrid, where Rosalía decided to give him this title, that his fans also chose.

But the surprises did not remain in unreleased songs, but rather the singer experimented with mixtures of songs known by several generations. rang reggaeton fragments in a remixin which Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” and “Papi chulo” could be heard.

Typical songs accompanied by versions like “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, or “Relation” by Sech. He has also sung several solo hits with other artists, including “Yo x ti, tu x mi”, with Ozuna, or “La noche de anoche”, with Bad Bunny.

Rosalie he has not forgotten his origins, although his last album had a great predominance, since he sang the whole repertoire, he also gave way to some singles of his other two works. This more flamenco side of the artist appeared with “From here you do not go out”, by The bad will.

They didn’t miss either. mythical themes of the artistwhich have led to successes, such as “Con Altura”, “Pienso en tu mirá” or “Malamente”, in which the choreographic ensemble and the show have stood out particularly.

Proximity to the public and a lot of entertainment

Rosalía has become a spontaneous artist, but at the same time calculating, two qualities that have been exhibited in this new tour. The performance was perfectly studied, but it also allowed him to be close to thank the affection and the welcome of his followers.

The naturalness of his way of being was reflected when she approached the audience to sing with her in a song And as in the other concerts organized, he returned to read and comment on the posters of his fans.

In “Abcdefg”, this participation of the people was lived with style, which chanted with it the names that accompany the letters of a particular alphabet. In this case, he had to name the “M for Madrid”without forgetting “Motomami”.

To do more honor to this naturalness, the artist cut some of her braids and left her hair down, but she also took off her makeup for the rest of the concert, while singing “Diablo”.

With every detail prepared, there was no shortage of elements that gave more dynamism to a constantly moving show that was an almost uninterrupted succession of melodies. For it, the dancers and the artist went out on a scooter to the rhythm of “Chicken Teriyaki”.

To end this show, the chosen one was “CUUUUuuuuuute”, a song he made by sampling a TikTok video, by Ytiet Official. Thus, with a powerful percussive sound of this last song and a choreography adapted to his needs, he finished a show full of work and pleasure.

After passing through Madrid, his music will continue in four other Spanish cities, then he will make an international leap to the American continent, where he will visit 16 countries, among which Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Canada, among others.

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