Podoactiva will build a sports complex in Huesca to test its technology in real situations

The Podoactiva company continues to grow and not only due to the expansion of its podiatry clinics inside and outside of Spain. Now you want to build a sports complex at its headquarters in Huesca for the biomechanical analysis of the athlete in a real game situation.

The “ambitious” project, called “Podoactiva Sportech”, will have athletics tracks, a soccer field, a paddle tennis court and a 3×3 basketball court, as explained by the ‘company on its official website, although for the moment it prefers not to give details of the investment or the timetable.

The complex will be located between the two headquarters buildings of the Walqa Technology Park, with more than 4,000 square meters dedicated “to the development, research and manufacture of personalized treatments in podiatry and biomechanics”.

When it opened its headquarters in Walqa in 2010, the 1,200 square meter building, considered one of the largest facilities in Europe in the diagnosis and treatment of gait problems, has incorporated a sports biomechanics room where motion studies to establish patient diagnoses. There is an area with different types of tracks to test the models in an environment similar to that of the competition. The ‘Podoactiva Sportech’ goes further and will carry out the analysis of the athlete in a real game situation, whether on a football or basketball field.

The first head office was too small for him and in 2017 he signed the rental contract for a neighboring property, the old Health building in the Technological Park.

From now on, it will be added to these two, the sports complex, whose facilities, according to the company, “are equipped with the most modern sports surfaces, integrating different technologies to biomechanically analyze the athlete in his real game situation”, who will place the brand “at the forefront of research in the field of biomechanics”.

In this way, Podoactiva reinforces its commitment to continue its growth in Walqa. This year it celebrates its 15th anniversary, after 2021 with a growth of 20% after serving more than 50,000 patients, including 5,000 elite athletes, in its 23 own clinics and 180 units distributed mainly throughout Spain, although it is also present in eight other countries (Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Costa Rica, Poland, Slovenia, Andorra there Honduras). Figures that have made it one of the locomotives of the technology park in the capital of Huesca.

The brothers José Víctor and Javier Alfaro continue to lead the team of 250 workers, the first as general manager and the second as training manager and technical director. Both also have a more media face linked to soccer, since they are the podiatrists of the real Madrid and some Spanish selectionrespectively.

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