Natalia Arroyo announces more signings

Real who made their debut in the First Iberdrola in September will bear little resemblance to the one who kicked off the pre-season on Wednesday. Natalia Arroyo announces from the first day that there will be more signings and specifies that Real will strengthen “the central corridor and the positions of the band”. The premonitory objective of the end of last season does not change: “We are going to grow in numbers.”

Arroyo’s goal is to ‘repeat everything we did’ in the league’s second season ‘and add more speed, precision’, the Catalan explains. “I am happy because I saw

fluidity and intensity” from the first day, he told Zubieta. He perceived “good feelings” and assured that “the team is well, motivated”, before a season which “promises to be exciting”.

La Real start without nine internationals, “a sign that we are also growing”, according to Arroyo. “We will follow them from a distance” while “those of B complete us”. The subsidiary becomes necessary, until the arrival of internationals. “The level is good, they are adding to the squad.” The coach is delighted that “the players who come gradually from the national selections will have picked up the pace in another way” and “it will be good” for Real for the start of the school year.

The new campaign promises emotions from its origins: draw for the previous Champions League on September 1, then first in the league, then European home-and-away. “All the way won’t be exclusive to Europe,” warns Arroyo. “You have to manage the revival, the illusion and the brilliance” that the Champions give off.

La Real, for the moment, have closed two signings. Andreia Jacinto is injured. Arroyo introduces him to society: “She’s a young midfielder with a lot of potential, good contact with the ball, an ability to organize, to overflow in passing and piloting”, explains the coach. Alejandra BernabĂ© arrives on loan from AtlĂ©tico de Madrid. “He gives us the specific profile of a left-back, with a lot of attacking projection, and he comes with motivation,” Arroyo summed up.

Nerea Eizagirre was another of the protagonists of the first day, for staying out of the European Championship against all odds. “It came well, with envy, I had ‘momo’ to play. It was a stick but he understands that the only way he can be there is to perform here, underlines Arroyo, stressing that he is “with the desire to take the ship and lead it” Amaiur Sarriegi is focused on the Spanish team, but the controversy lies in the fact that he has not played a single minute Natalia Arroyo wishes him “to enjoy and deserve to play every day” and declares that “I will not judge the decisions of the coach”. Moreover, “I understand the context of a team in which there is a level, I know it and I am sure that walk to play”, assures the Real coach.

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