Llorente: ‘If Cristiano comes, we will have time to talk’ Llorente: ‘If Cristiano comes, we will have time to talk’

The midfielder starting from Madrid athlete and international with Roja, Marc Llorente, was last night in El Larguero talk about role he played last year on the right side, the possible arrival of Cristiano and the team’s goals for this season, Among many other things.

Hello, Mark. How are these first weeks of the season going?

Very well. We charge the backpack for the whole year.

This pre-season workload doesn’t bother those of you who have been with Professor Ortega the longest.

A: Yes, that’s what we have to do. The new ones are more surprised, but the others are warned.

How much do you hate that famous Los Angeles hill of San Rafael?

A: It’s not what we hate the most, honestly, even though it’s the most appealing. It’s not the hardest thing for me. When you go golfing, it’s deadly.

What happens on the golf course?

A: There are intermittent runs with ups and downs, since that’s what you get on a golf course. We really suffer. In the slope, you suffer five seconds, then you have time to recover.

The next friendly match catches up on July 27.

A: It’s a matter of coaches and physical trainers. They decided what this preseason would look like, and so they decided. Let’s go to death with them.

There are four friendlies, which may not seem like a lot, but there are big rivals like Manchester United and Juventus.

Yes, these are great teams who are doing things very well and they will help us prepare for the start of the championship which promises to be very difficult.

I have to comment on a hot topic. Cristiano Ronaldo sounds for Atlético de Madrid. Did you discuss it in the locker room?

For nothing. They talk about so many names that don’t end up coming that it’s useless to talk. If he comes, he will have time to talk. Me, at least, I try to pass the subject because there is too much chatter.

I can’t believe you didn’t talk about it in the locker room. You didn’t talk about anything?

A lot of things happened with top players and then it all went up in smoke. As long as there is nothing official, we cannot comment on anything. At least I don’t.

You coincided with him, you know how Cristiano Ronaldo is. There’s no denying that it would be good for Atleti.

You all know him and you know everything he has accomplished (laughs). It’s more the technical staff and the club that should decide.

We are back with one of your subjects. It’s been a tough season for you, playing out of position due to the lack of right-backs.

The club are looking into this issue, looking for a right-back. These weeks I have been training to play indoors, which makes me very happy. I don’t think about those things.

Your indoor year was outrageous, and changing positions was a show of professionalism. Simeone asked you to, but you’re happier playing indoors.

Yeah, well, it’s like any job. Situations arise, things change the dynamic, and we all have to adapt. This time it was my turn. I belong to Atlético de Madrid and I have to do everything for the club.

Atlético de Madrid, this season, is once again opting for all the titles. You deserved it.

I think the team will participate in all competitions, we have a team for that. The new additions will make us grow further, we are very confident in what we can do.

Barcelona sign a lot despite their economic problems. Does that surprise you from afar?

Yes and no. If they do it is because they can, I don’t think they are doing anything impossible or wrong.

This season is very important personally and collectively. How do you face this journey?

We want to show what we are capable of. Last season we were very inconsistent, things didn’t work out for us. It was a season that we did not count on, even if we finished well. The goal is to continue with what was seen in this ending. Players are coming who are raising the quality of the team, so we are looking forward to this start.

In these first days of training, Simeone has tested a lot with you in front of Witsel, who has just joined the team. What can it bring you?

He is an adorable boy who will help us a lot. He still has to adapt because coming here is not easy. He will give us a better ball output, he has a very good touch. He adapts little by little to what the coach asks of him, and he is an intelligent boy who learns quickly. I think he’s going to have a great season.

Álvaro Morata is a player you know well. This season, he returns to Atlético after spending two years away from Juventus. I imagine they weren’t easy days for him, not knowing if he was leaving or staying. How do you see Morata?

I see you very well. I think he can bring us a lot of qualities, we all know him even if he was absent. His matches with the national team show that he is a top striker who is going to be useful. On a personal level, I love having him by my side. He’s a 10-year-old boy who helps a lot in the locker room.

Having the World Cup in the middle of the season is going to be weird. How will you adapt to this situation?

This is a rare situation, we have never seen anything like it. Fortunately, it’s the same for everyone. Whoever adapts the best will have a lot of advantages for this World Cup and the season. There is no excuse for this.

Thank you very much for being in The spar, Frames. Good luck this season.

A: Thank you very much, a hug.

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