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Lidl put up for sale in Germany a product that is not usual to find in their catalog, although to tell the truth it is not the first time that they have offered something like this in their country of origin. This is a urban electric carsimilar to those Smart ForTwo or to the future Silence S04which is available through a subscription service as well as through a direct purchase model.

It’s called Elaris Finn, and as it becomes more and more common among affordable electric cars and motorcycles, it is a model whose production takes place in China. The most surprising is however that with a full charge of its battery it offers a theoretical autonomy superior to its own. Dacia Springwho is the “king” of affordable electric cars in Europe.

As evidenced by the product sheet of the Elaris Finn from Lidl, the model is limited in the measurements of 2.87 meters long, 1.56 wide and 1.57 highso inside it offers space for just two occupants, while the trunk has a capacity of 229 liters.

Elaris Finn.
The interior of the Elaris Finn offers a surprisingly neat design.

Despite its dimensions and its affordable concept, the Finn allows itself to offer a very neat interiorat least in terms of design, with a dashboard finished in two tones, while the technological note is given by screens that work as a dashboard and an infotainment system. The equipment section does not disappoint it offers air conditioning and alloy wheels, plus striking safety features for a car of its size and price, like LED headlights and four-wheel disc brakes.

In terms of electrical performance, the Finn offers a Approved range based on 265 kilometer WLTP cycle, 35 more than the Romanian electric. This is thanks to extremely contained dimensions and a battery with a capacity of 32 kWh. The electrical system of the Elaris Finn allows for charging powers of up to 30kW which is low power in general terms but as the battery is small it will barely take an hour to charge when it does. done at its maximum power.

The battery serves an electric motor whose power is 35 kW (48 hp), and that’s enough to reach 115 kilometers per hour. Given that he only has to move a weight of 930 kilos, he promises enough ease to face the ins and outs of urban life in a solvent way.

Elaris Finn
Elaris Finn

As shown from engine logthe Elaris Finn is available from Lidl Germany for a monthly subscription of 222 euros, or if you want to buy the car directly, the price will be 20,330 euros, which is a relatively cheap cost based on the price of other models. To this, in addition, it is possible to discount the incentives offered by the German state.

It is a higher price than the Dacia Spring, which it exceeds in autonomy but not in practicality, since the Romanian model offers four seats and an image closer to what is expected of tourism in Europe.

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