It’s surreal that scenes like this still live on on ‘First Dates’

When a person goes to First dates looking for love (or whatever happens), knows in advance that everything can happen. In the best-known restaurant on television, there was scaredanimated discussions, assorted inventions, conflicting positions on how to approach life, and a long etcetera. And there are also arrows, of course. This week, what First dates its most summery version began, two dinners, René and Magnolia starred in a most surreal scene, and neither was willing to give in to the other’s demands.

Promotional image of 'First Dates' from the 2022 summer programs (Mediaset)

Promotional image of ‘First Dates’ from the 2022 summer programs (Mediaset)

They could have discussed politics, religion or any other complicated subject, but no. They had a disagreement over already somewhat overused traditions, like having to invite the other on a first date. Although René, at first, seems to him a chivalrous man, his proposal to pay half seems fatal to him. For her, it was rude and depending on how she acted, she risked having a future meeting or cutting off the relationship. Did anyone imagine that a good dinner would be ruined by five words as innocent as “we each pay our share”?

No no no. Halfway, no. I haven’t worn my stockings for a long time. You can invite otherwise I invite”. This is what Magnolia said before the proposal of her companion, with whom she had very good chemistry, and with whom she had fun. René then picked up the glove, and told her that if it was her intention, that she invite her, then the participant changed her mind. According to his point of view, On a first date like the one they were on, the gentleman had to invite, “and, if I want to invite him to another place, I do it”.“Not halfway, I don’t feel like it”, It was another one of his phrases. He was shocked by this approach, as he considered that it may have happened in the past, but for the moment, it was necessary to go halfway, and if things went well, in the future, he would be invited.

As they approached the bar, after spending a few private moments in the photo booth, Magnolia went to the waiter, Matías Roure, and told him he would pay. Rene finally opened his bag and took care of the dinner expenses. When deciding whether to continue seeing each other or not, the two agreed that yes, they would continue to know each other, and they parted hand in hand for “a drink”. We understand that, according to its history, Magnolia would take care of inviting this something.

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At this point, it should be noted that in first meetings, dinner price is closed: It doesn’t matter what is ordered on the menu, or the drinks that are taken, which only pay a symbolic 15 euros, to be able to make the theater of asking for the bill… and that images like these arise.

The thing becomes more absurd if one knows the back room of the program. It is well known that the First Dates is not a real restaurant, but a restaurant made on purpose to record a TV show. Although gThrough the magic of television we are invited to think that we are attending a dinner party, the food can be recorded at any time of the day, therefore, sometimes the dishes barely touch each other. The time Charo Reina went looking for love, for example, her watch revealed that everything was recorded at, say, 11:30 a.m. Plus, servings are pretty sparse, since chewing on TV doesn’t usually look good, and what the show is about is that there’s conversation, not the contestants putting on their boots with their dishes with exotic names.

There is also an important tip regarding the account. And it is that, really, the participants do not have to pay for their food with their own wallet. Something almost logical: you’re not going to go to a TV show to look for love and what’s more you’re going to have to put money in. to go to First dates, the participants charge a small amount, which is paid to them on the spot, and they must withdraw this money to pay for the dinner; they can even invite the other person, and still leave the program with a few euros in their pocket. A diner who went to the show tells this outlet that in his case, the editor he was working with told him that later that dinner money would be refunded, and that’s what happened. passed after the appointment: he recovered his 15 euros, once the cameras stopped recording.

However, everything that happened during Magnolia and René’s meeting is somewhat surreal. both the archaic thought that a man should ask a woman out on his first date, as if he doesn’t even really need to spend his own money.

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