“I felt cheated, what was signed was not respected”

For many, Jose Manuel Parada is and always will be presenter of neighborhood cinema, a program devoted to the seventh national art and for which he was responsible between 1995 and 2003. The communicator gave an interview to 20 minutes where he reviewed his entire life and emphasized that he has no plans to retire at this time and will continue to work as a collaborator. Currently, he participates in the gatherings of Hello Madrid, from Telemadrid.

During the interview, one of the questions raised If you’ve ever regretted one of your projects on the small screen, and there, he took the opportunity to accuse survivors. “PI participated in a reality TV show and felt cheated. I thought the conditions I signed were going to be fulfilled, but they weren’t. I don’t think I’ll be part of another similar program, really.“says José Manuel, who competed in survivors in 2010, this is its only participation in a program of this type.

In this season, Tchoose five decided to mix famous candidates with anonymous ones for the first time. José Manuel has lived with celebrities such as Consuelo Berlanga, to bea the legionnaire, the actor Javier Quinones (known for his role as Debo in the programs Los Morancos) or the singer Malena Grace. The winner was an anonymous Maria Jose Fernandez. José Manuel only lasted 10 days in the competition, and decided to leave voluntarily, and it was when he left that he already mentioned this breach of contract.

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When he thought he had finished his adventure in Nicaragua, the country in which this edition was recorded, Jesús Vázquez, the reality TV host, asked him to make a potato omelette for his companions, which he thought was his last mission. . However, Jesus announced to him that he still would not leavewho floored the competitor. “I have already fulfilled my mission. We agreed that he would come from Thursday to Thursday,” revealed to the public. Jesus then insisted that he would not leave the island, arguing that a storm was coming and they could not move him.Damn no, no! I have to go now. I fulfilled my contract, I was very serious, I hope it’s a joke”, insisted Parada, who took several days to finally leave the island and return to Spain.

Once on the show’s set, her interview with Jesús Vázquez was extremely tense. Parada told how in some network programs they called him a stalker. “If you’ve been accused of something you didn’t do, and you’ve seen how ugly it is…” said Vázquez, referring in the case of Arny, without mentioning it though. Jesus tried to stop him, but Parada insisted he was accused “of something very similar”. “I think it’s not even comparable, but I’m not going to get into this mud with you,” said Jesús Vázquez, who ended up kicking Parada off the set.

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