Glaceon debuts today in Pokémon Unite: How to get it for free and details

Pokémon Unionthe MOBA of pokemon franchise on Nintendo Switch and mobile had promised that Today, Thursday July 21the festivities will begin first anniversary event, and so it was. Together with update received this morning and among the many novelties that arrive in the game today, we must highlight the presentation of the new playable Pokémon: the same Glaceonthe evolution of type Ice of Eevee, of which we already know all the characteristics.

As if that were not enough, your license can be unlocked for free. Then we give you everything the details in this news.

How to get a Glaceon license for free?

The inclusion of Glaceon as a new Pokémon in Pokmon Unite was accompanied by the title’s first anniversary event, for which many new features are included. One of the most interesting is the so-called Glaceon Glide Challenge. This challenge will be available from Thursday 21 July to Sunday 14 August for all players.

Fans will have during this time available a series of challenges and missions to finish this, if everything is done in time, allow unlock free of charge Glaceon Unite License. That is: get the Pokemon completely free without having to go through the in-game store. So now you know, you have until August 14 to complete these special Glaceon Frost Challenge missions by playing games.

Triler, role and official information of Glaceon in Pokmon Unite

below you can see the official file of Glaceon in Pokémon Unite with its presentation trailer:

  • Pokemon class: attacker.
  • Attacks: long range (special attacker).
  • Difficulty: intermediate.
  • Evolutions: Eevee (Lv. 1) and Glaceon (Lv. 4).

Features and all of Glaceon’s moves and abilities

The ace characteristics of Glaceon are:

  • Offensive: 4/5 stars.
  • Endurance: 2/5 stars.
  • Agility: 3/5 stars.
  • Annotation: 1/5 stars.
  • Support: 0.5/5 stars.

Glaceon Moveset

Glaceon is an attack-style Pokemon that masters ice moves. Below we are going to share his list of special attacks so you can know how he performs in battles:

  • poke

    Skill – Evasion: When the Pokémon is going to be restricted, it avoids it and becomes invincible for a short time (it takes a while for the effect to reactivate).

  • poke

    Skill – Nveo Coat: When the Pokémon is going to be restricted, it avoids the restriction and becomes invisible and invincible for a short time (it takes a while for the effect to activate again).

  • poke

    Basic Attack (Eevee): Every 3 attacks perform a charged attack that deals more damage.

  • poke

    Basic Attack (Glaceon): Every 3 attacks perform a charged attack that deals more damage and creates 2 ice crystals for the user hit.

  • poke

    The rapidity: Create 4 stars around the user. For a short time, each time the user hits an opposing Pokemon with a basic attack, one of the stars will shoot out to deal more damage. When hit with a charged attack, 2 stars will shoot out.

  • poke

    Article: The user wags its tail in front of the opposing Pokémon, dealing damage and reducing its Defense, Special Defense, and Movement Speed ​​for a short time. After using this move, the next basic attack is a charged attack.

  • poke

    Carmbano: Quickly throw all of its Ice Crystals at the chosen opposing Pokémon. If the user has no ice crystals when using this move, they instantly create 2 crystals and throw them. Crystals explode upon reaching the opponent, dealing damage to opponents in the area. Crystals can hit other opponents in their path, hitting them and exploding. Crystals thrown with this move deal more damage each time they hit the same opponent. After using this move, the cooldown of Icicle and Freeze Dry is reduced. With the upgrade, each ice crystal deals additional damage to opponents based on their maximum HP.

  • poke

    Wind Ice: The user moves in the chosen direction and launches all of their ice crystals at the opposing Pokémon with their next basic attack, dealing damage. The user collects the same number of ice crystals that were thrown. If the user hits the same opponent with 4 or more ice crystals, that Pokémon’s movement speed is reduced for a short time (the more ice crystals hit it). If you have no ice crystals when you use this move, create 2 ice crystals. With the upgrade, each Ice Crystal deals additional damage to opposing Pokemon based on their max HP.

  • poke

    Frozen song: Increases the user’s movement speed for a short time, after which their base attack speed is increased for a short time, and their basic attacks throw chunks of ice that damage enemies and slow their speed travel for a short time. Each time a piece of ice hits an opponent, the user spawns 2 ice crystals. The user also generates 2 crystals if they use this move while throwing crystals with Icicle or after using Ice Wind but before throwing all crystals with the next basic attack. With the buff, the user’s base attack speed is increased for the duration of the move’s effect.

  • poke

    Lyophilization: Increases the user’s Special Attack for a short time and the user fires a gust of icy wind forward. The explosion explodes upon hitting an opponent or after traveling a certain distance, dealing damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect and generating 2 ice crystals for each enemy hit. The explosion also leaves a patch of ice that slows the movement speed of enemies that enter it and freezes them for a short time if they stay a while. The upgrade generates 4 Ice Crystals for each opponent hit.

  • poke

    Glacial Camp: The user takes a big leap, creating an area of ​​ice in front of them that deals damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect. As long as the user remains in the ice zone, their movement speed increases and generates 2 ice crystals from time to time. Opponents entering the ice zone have their movement speed reduced.

Pokémon uniondevelopped by TiMi Studiosis available free for Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS mobiles. The title is a MOBA of Equipment 5 against 5 in which we must play the most exciting battles with some of the most emblematic Pokémon of the saga. If you want to know more details and win all your games, we encourage you to visit our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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