Gasoline continues its fourth fall and marks its lowest price since May

The Gasoline chained his fourth consecutive fall after recording a average price of 1,826 euros per liter -by applying the discount of 20 centimes from the Government- and go to your lowest level since MayDuring this time he diesel adds its third week of decline and is paid 1,771 euros.

However, according to data released this Thursday by the Petroleum Bulletin of the European Union (EU), which includes the average price recorded at more than 11,400 Spanish gas stations between July 12 and July 18, the price of petrol would again exceed the barrier of 2 euros per liter if the public bonus was not applied.

With these prices, the the price of gasoline drops by 2.5% in the last seven daysDuring this time he diesel it’s a 2.8% cheaper than a week ago.

Lowest price since May

Thus, gasoline has marked in the last seven days its lowest price since the last week of May, when it was paid at 1,768 euros per litre, while diesel has not been so cheap since early June, when it stood at 1,716 euros.

Moreover, they are also reaching levels similar to those of the end of March, when the government introduced the 20 cents per liter premium for all consumers.

Despite this, if we exclude the mandatory discount introduced by the government, gasoline would exceed 2 euros per liter for the seventh time, settling at 2,026 euros; while diesel would fall below that barrier for the first time in just over a month, setting a price of 1,971 euros.

Eighth most expensive prize in history

Moreover, despite the fall recorded over the past week, the price of gasoline is the eighth highest in historyjust 5.9% below its record, while the diesel reached its fifth highest price since the archives exist.

Behind the high levels that gasoline and diesel have continued to record since the beginning of the year is mainly the rise in oil prices, a trend that has been reversed in recent weeks and is beginning to gradually affect the final price of fuels.

To cushion the impact of rising petrol and diesel prices on citizens, the government has extended until the end of the year the premium of 20 cents per liter of fuel for all consumers.

Between 19 and 23 euros more expensive than in January

The escalation of the two fuels caused the The price of gasoline has increased by about 23% since the start of the year.versus 31% that it has become more expensive diesel.

At current prices, make a deposit medium 55 liters with gasoline slightly over 100 euroswhile with diesel is 97 euroswhich means paying around 19 euros more than at the start of 2022 if petrol is used, and 23 euros if diesel is chosen.

However, thanks to the government bonus, consumers save around 11 euros when filling such a tank, whether they use petrol or choose diesel.

Despite the historically high values, the price of both fuels in Spain – once the discount has been applied – remains below the European average which, according to the

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