FC Barcelona transfers – Endrick’s big day

07/21/2022 at 08:00


The ‘prodigy boy’ from Palmeiras turns 16 today and will sign his first three-year professional contract

Once professionalized, Barça, as well as the great Europeans, will be able to knock on the door of Verdao to negotiate their transfer

Endrick, “the 9” from Palmeiras who amazed half the world, is 16 today. And he is going to celebrate it in the best possible way: by signing his first three-year professional contract, until July 2025. From July 21, Barcelona, ​​like the rest of Europe’s greats, can now enter into negotiations with the current double champion of the Copa Libertadores without fearing any sanction from FIFA.

Aware of the potential of their diamond, Palmeiras, and their ‘torcida’, they will celebrate in style the professionalization of their main revelation in this 21st century. Since the rise of GabrielJesus, such euphoria was not seen in the traditional club of the Italian colony in Sao Paulo.

In principle, Palmeiras has protected his rising star, and the signing of the contract will be private and, if there is no change in the scenario at the last minute, the apprentice crack will not hold a press conference. The master of ceremonies will be the vice-president, Paulo Buosisince the president of the entity, Leila Pereira, is outside Brazil for professional reasons.

Endrick’s wish, and that of his family, has always been to turn professional in Palmeiras, as a sign of gratitude and for his sentimental and sporting relationship with his current club. At no time did the young striker consider going to another Brazilian club, taking advantage of the gap in his training contract. The identification of the player with his training club is absolute. Another different question is how long the striker will play in Verdao’s first team, which is now managed by Portuguese Abel Ferreira.


Endrick He will sign for three seasons, the maximum extension authorized by FIFA for the first contract signed by a minor footballer. His arrival in European football can only be done when he comes of age. And, given the pressure that already exists on the jewel of Palmeira, his landing is already scheduled for two years: in July 2024 when he will only have one year left on his contract.

European clubs, which until now have been operating behind the scenes for fear of being reported to FIFA, can now compete against each other. The battle begins. Barca will have high-level competitors, mainly the Premier League greats, with a lot more financial muscle.


The ‘prodigy boy’ has a dream 2022, in which he won all three titles at stake: the new Sao Paulo Junior Cup for Palmeiras, which was the tournament that propelled him to world stardom; the Mundialito de Montaiguwhich meant his international debut with the youth categories of the Seleçao, and, more recently, Brazil U-17 Cupwith a high level final against Vasco da Gama.

His records are impressive. They are typical of a special issue, for whom the training categories have been reduced too much. In the first half of this year, he scored 21 goals in 20 games (the vast majority against rivals up to five years older). Throughout his career at Verdao, he scored 87 goals in 115 games.

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