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Antonio Cordon He didn’t want to miss Luiz Felipe’s debut as a new Real Betis player, and he was honest about how difficult an operation that ultimately turned out to be successful in favor of the Verdiblanco side, who officially presented last Wednesday the arrival of Luiz Henrique.

“It was very hard. There are a lot of people in the shadows who work in the shadow of this signing. The player looked at us with very good eyes and there were big names with very important careers who wanted, and in the end Luiz Felipe came here for the people. Because of the way we are, because of the way Betis and their fans are. It was very important for him when choosing this club,” testified the manager.

Cordón did not want to forget all the people who joined him for Luiz Felipe to wear a verdiblanco: “Thank you to those who have contributed because it has been really difficult and we are very happy to have a player that we have known for many years. He comes from a club with a lot of tradition in Brazil, his debut was against Santos, and he had to cover Ricardo Oliveira and since then it has rained a lot. We finally have him here, a player with a lot of experience in European and international football.”

The director general of sports of Betis abounded on what really attracted the profile of the footballer to the technical secretariat: “It does not come only from his technical and physical qualities, but also from his model of play. Betis always signs an idea player on a personal level. Players who come to help the club grow, always putting a step further. He is a very humble and hardworking person. He adapts to the group and works as a plus. In the end, he comes to continue to grow our Real Betis. We hope you will give us the results we expect.”

“My blood turns from red to green”

Antonio Cordón then continued during Question Time, responding to how he handles the treatment of fans: “The affection you get here is wonderful, it’s something that doesn’t happen with any other pass. -time. It fills you up and in the end the blood turns from red to green. It’s true that we are in a situation of a very passionate club, a club that everyone is delighted with. Betis should expect us to have a big dressing room and a working team. The club continues to grow with a new sports city, bamboo plantation. We continue to work on the general structure, we have remodeled the current sports city and we continue to grow, slowly without anyone hearing us and without making any noise. And over the years, placing Betis in a balanced way and staying in the top flight for years.”

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