Buying a car for its software makes a lot of sense. Porsche showed it with the latest Taycan update

We have been hearing for months that the electric and connected car it’s the future. But, until now, most of the information reaching us on this new way of approaching the automobile market was based on promises. This time it was Porsche that hit the table.

The German company has announced that its Porsche Taycanthe exclusively electric model that they have on the market, can be updated with a deep renovation that directly tackles different services, beyond the activation or deactivation of payment functions.

The car as a service

The connected car has also given us another way of approaching the vehicle. The property seems more questionable than ever and, beyond the monthly subscriptions to the vehicle itself, updates provide fertile ground for offering more services and paying for them regularly.

In fact, a few days ago we learned that BMW offered the possibility of subscribe to your heated seats. Or that the Mercedes EQS SUV unlocks rear axle steering as long as we pay extra for it. In other words, our car can improve its dynamics or turning radius for six months and ignore this function for the rest of the year.

At Volkswagen, during the Presentation of your family identity document., they already anticipated that this type of addition would also be available in their future models. However, it has also been argued that certain features, such as the battery management or load, could improve. At Porsche, they went further.

For all Taycan and free

The world has changed so much in the last three years, since the launch of the Porsche Taycan in the market, that the Germans wanted to update the features of the vehicle, improve some of them and add the possibility of having others.

In fact, we have changed so much that the update cannot be done at home and will have to be go to a Porsche Center. Of course, the template update will be free and comes with a complete package. improvements. Among them, greater facilities for future updates to be made by OTA and does not require any change.

With the new changes, the Porsche Taycan will be able to better manage energy accumulated, because the recovery system will be maintained even if we change the driving program. A system that was already active in the latest models but that sports cars purchased before 2021 did not have.

Taycan software update

Another of the improvements that the latest Porsche Taycans already have and that will come to current models is charging management. With the changes, the car takes advantage of the heat given off by electrical systems to preheat the battery before plugging the car in and ensure it’s at an optimum temperature, increasing charging speed and expanding the variety of power available. In addition, charging stations can be filtered in the browser according to their power.

The advances in ADAS driving aids they have also allowed ParkAssist sensors to find more available spaces (the distance is also reduced, so it will be easier to find free spaces) and its sensors now have a greater range.

These are undoubtedly the most significant changes in terms of performance or behavior of the electric Porsche. But, in addition, as if we were talking about an annual update of Android or iOS, the infotainment systems will also change their appearance, some icons are improved, navigation in models with head-up display and the integration of spotify appto which are also added improvements in voice control. Android-Auto becomes available wirelessly.

Finally, Porsche is also joining the subscription craze. Thus, keyless unlocking of doors and trunk becomes available on all Taycan models but only if the customer pays for this function.

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