when will it be released and if we will pay more for apple mobile

The iPhone 14 It’s just around the corner. Apple, like every year, keeps the mystery until the last second, but the connoisseurs of the brand are already giving some hints of what we will see shortly. Several experts and analysts, who are usually not mistaken, have already advanced, to the delight of fans of the brand, certain features, design details and even the price of the new Apple iPhone 14. But will it affect inflation and will it be more expensive than previous editions?

Apple Park, Calif./FLICKR
Apple Park, Calif./FLICKR

The opening speech by Apple, the exclusive presentation that the brand does every September from its California headquarters, usually takes place just before the arrival of fall, and on a Tuesday. Thus, the dates that appear in all the pools are the September 6 and 13, 2022it is therefore very probable that, until the second half of the same month or October, the iPhone 14 don’t land on apple stores from Spain.

Will we pay more for Apple’s iPhone 14?

Experts conclude that the price of 14 standard will be around 799 dollars, or 785 euros according to the current exchange rate. In this sense, everything indicates that Apple will launch four models. So the iPhone 14 Max could go on the market for just over 850 euros. While the versions Pro there ProMaxit would already exceed 1,000. These figures exceed some models of the 13. So yes, everything indicates that the iPhone 14 is more expensive. Bad news!

Meanwhile, experts are betting because Apple bury version mini, like the one he launched for 12 and 13, because it would not have had the expected success. The smaller screen is less and less appreciated by consumers.

An Apple Store/PIXABAY
An Apple Store/PIXABAY

Screens with thinner bezels

One of the most significant innovations in the design of the new iphone It will come from the hand of the screen. Everything indicates that the 14 will not have the traditional notch that Apple has maintained, so far, in all its models. This, along with the thinner bezels, makes better use of the front of the device.

On the other hand, many experts also claim that the material used for the finishes will be titanium or one of its variants, and that one of 14 models do not have a slot for SIM card. However, none of the specialists bet on the first Foldable iPhonesomething that has been speculated for years.

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An Apple store selling iPhones, iPads and more tech / UNSPLASH

An even better camera and a more powerful chip

The iPhone 14 family screen sizes would be reduced to two: 6.1 inches there 6.7 inchesyes Also some makes (pictures of possible layouts) show that the corners could be less rounded and thicker.

A render of the new iPhone 14's camera / PENG STORE
A render of the new iPhone 14’s camera / PENG STORE

Likewise, Apple continues the challenge of improving the cameras of its mobiles. Therefore, the main lens will be 48 megapixels and will allow record videos in 8K there take pictures at night with better quality than mobile previous. Additionally, the iPhone 14 will have a RAM 6 GB and a chip with more power. However, we have to wait until September for Apple to clear us of all remaining doubts.

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