this has been his most eventful year

who was going to tell Andrea Janeiro July 20, 2021 how much his life was going to change in just 12 months… The always discreet daughter of Bethlehem Esteban He still lives so far from the spotlight, but on many occasions his name has become relevant this year.

It’s been almost a year since Bethlehem’s daughter Esteban She finished her studies in audiovisual communication in England and returned to Madrid, where she started working as an intern at a well-known radio station. In fact, in August 2021, they disclosed not only her brilliant grades, but how proud her parents were of her at the end of their studies.

Still very close to his TV mother, the young woman released a new apartment this year, a gift from the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’, a few kilometers from the residence of Belén and Miguel Marcos, in Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid). But that’s not the only change in his life…

andrea janeiro birthday

Andrea Janeiro, the daughter of Belén Esteban, is 23 years old today.

The best support from his mother in his most complicated months

Even if only yesterday we saw Belén Esteban gave his all (even with crutches) at the Rosalía concertthe truth is that the San Blas were behind several weeks of complicated recovery after break a foot live, imitating in ‘Sálvame’ one of the tests of ‘Survivors’.

This fact meant a before and after in Belén Esteban’s life, in addition to letting it sink… but to get her out, the businesswoman counted on the two fundamental pillars of her life: her husband, Miguel, and of course, her daughter Andrea. Both devoted themselves to her day and night, tending to her medical needs and, above all, keeping her company during her long recovery, which lasted more than 90 days.

one more in the family

For a little less than two months, Andrea can boast of having a new little brother. It is Hugo, the baby that Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario had, a boy that the couple preferred to keep private, unlike what they did with Julia and Jesús, his two other children and siblings of the young woman, who played in exclusive courses a few weeks after their birth… just like Andrea herself did in 1999.

The little one’s sweet expectation also served to ensure that, in the months preceding Hugo’s arrival, Belén Esteban’s daughter smoothed things over with her dad and, at the end of last April, the two they organized a beautiful reconciliation.

That of Andrea and her father is a relationship of comings and goings of which we do not know today if they were channeled or if, on the contrary, everything was in a sporadic meeting of a single day…

In fact, and as El Nacional reported yesterday, Andrea Janeiro would not have been invited to the big family party that the Janeiros organized for the 20th wedding anniversary of Jesulín and María José. “Sources close to his entourage reveal that at the moment Andrea Janeiro was not invited to this celebration. It is not known if her father will inform her of the date of the event and if she will finally accept and attend, ”they explained in the aforementioned newspaper.

Whether or not they have it at this family event, Andrea Janeiro will certainly celebrate her 23rd birthday today accompanied by her loved ones.

From we want to congratulate you on this special date and wish you the best for the coming year.

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