the actor risks and wins on the red carpet in Berlin

It’s not the first and it won’t be the last either. However, because of who he is, he has caused quite a stir on social media and in the media. At 58, brad pitt dared to wear a skirt for the first time. At least publicly and in an event as relevant as a red carpet.

This Tuesday, July 19, the actor left everyone speechless by appearing in a linen skirt during the presentation of his latest film, High-speed train, In Berlin. An above-the-knee design in brown that exposed part of her legs, adorned with a few tattoos. He completed it with a matching jacket, a pink pleated shirt with a high collar, and black ankle boots which gave him this cracked dirty which for years has characterized his style.

Although he shaped his looks according to the era and the occasion, the style that prevails the most in Brad Pitt is the dirty. It’s a type of outfit in which he is they mix different relaxed fit pieces, getting a disheveled appearance. In the case of the actor, this aspect is intensified with the way he wears his hair – usually long and relaxed – and his beard – often unkempt and unshaven.

Brad Pitt in a linen skirt at the premiere of

Brad Pitt in a linen skirt at the ‘Bullet Train’ premiere.


This style dirtywhich has become his trademark, was also reflected in the premiere of High-speed train In Berlin. However, this time Brad Pitt gave a radical twist to his usual baggy pants, and in some cases torn, to dare with a skirt, star piece of women’s fashion. Thus, the Hollywood interpreter obtained a inclusive appearance.

Although he joked about revealing the alleged reason he wore a skirt – “The breeze, the breeze,” he told a reporter – his see implies that it supports and acknowledges human diversity. His philosophy is not strange given that his daughter Shilo (16), fruit of its relationship with Angelina Jolie (47), has been shown as gender fluid the fluid kindword that identifies one who presents himself as a man or a woman according to the occasion.

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Shiloh, to the right of Brad Pitt, with a

Shiloh, to the right of Brad Pitt, with a feminine “look”.


In 2010, Angelina Jolie told in a conversation with vanity lounge“He likes suits. He wears a tie, jacket and pants. He likes to dress like a boy. He wants to be like a child. We had to cut his hair. He likes to wear men’s clothes. She thinks he’s like one of her brothers.” But years later, Shiloh appeared publicly in an asymmetrical dress and dancers that revealed her more feminine version.

Brad Pitt’s latest choice for presenting High-speed train It also coincides with some statements he made a few years ago, when it was still unthinkable for a man to wear a skirt at such an important event.

According to the British edition of the magazine voguein 2004 Brad Pitt was already talking about the skirt as an accepted piece in men’s fashion, while promoting his film Troy. “Men will wear skirts next summer. This is my prediction and my proclamation. The film responds to both genres. We were looking for realism and the Greeks wore skirts all the time.”

At that time, he was considered a visionary. But the truth is, it took Brad Pitt 18 years to dare to wear a skirt in public. Although he has already done so in fiction, with TroyHe had never looked like this in real life.

Brad Pitt in a scene from

Brad Pitt in a scene from “Troy”


It is now, with the presentation of a feature film in which he embodies a murderer who fights against dangerous adversaries aboard a train, that he has finally ventured to transform his see Already show her legs -another strange trait in the actor-.

Whatever your intention -“the breeze” or appear as a star that supports inclusion-, with this Brad Pitt gesture set a trend in menswear. Witness the multiple comments that have been made on social networks after her image in a skirt went viral.

“He is still the sexiest man alive, with a skirt and all”, “Brad Pitt in a skirt in the heat of Europe always looks manly”, “Brad Pitt in a skirt is all that is good in this life” or “How good it feels to the world that Brad Pitt chose to wear a skirt”, are some of the messages read on the networks.

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