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Since its global launch, the Smart Monitor M8 has won over with its sleek design, UHD resolution and new SlimFit camera. This smart monitor is now available in Mexico and tech titans carlos vasan, Isa Marcial there Tech Santos They were among the first to try it.

The Smart Monitor M8 was designed to do it all on your screen, tech expert Carlos Vassan pointed this out in mention its smart features that go beyond a conventional modelI : “It’s a 2 in 1 monitor, as the name suggests, you can use it to work with your computer, tablet or whatever you want to connect; even as a screen to play with your consoles and also watch your favorite series”.

CARLOS VASSAN | Instagram: @carlosvassan

It is therefore possible to enjoy your applications from diffusion without having to connect a computer, simply use your remote control to instantly watch a movie or series. In addition, it has access to Samsung TV Plus, a free platform with more than 65 live news, sports and entertainment channels.

All this content is visible on your screen, which Isa Marcial pointed out by indicating that it has anti-reflective, which is comfortable not to see the distracting lights; while its UHD resolution and compatibility between HDR 10+ with a billion colors and 99% sRGB makes it ideal for brighter and darker scenes with more tones.

ISA MARCIAL | Instagram:@isa_marcial

Samsung has pretty good quality on its TVs, so in this case the monitor is no exception.”.

Isa Marcial, youtuber and technology analyst, highlighted the presence of the new SlimFit camera, with automatic adjustment so that people are always in the frame, whether during video calls with Google Duo, or during sessions. training by watching an exercise program and checking screen posture.

Furthermore, he indicated that this monitor it is compatible with Alexa and Bixby to control connected IoT devices, complemented by Smart Things, to turn lights on or off, control air conditioning and more devices and devices from the Samsung ecosystem.

For his part, Tech Santos mentioned that it was a device he already wanted to have in his hands: “Ever since it was announced I’ve wanted to try it out because it has a great price and a long list of features that seem like the perfect monitor, and these days with everyone working from home and away school, we need a good hybrid system to entertain ourselves and also work”.

SANTO TECH | Instagram: @techsantos

The tech content creator highlighted this versatility by indicating that the 32-inch screen made him happy to work for a long time or to have several windows open. At the same time, it tested how you can work directly on the Smart Monitor by connecting a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth; either in the cloud in Word or Excel documents with Microsoft 365or with a smartphonetablet or computer via Samsung DeX and even AirPlay.

As if that weren’t enough, it focused on design, making it an elegant monitor, thanks to its minimalist style, its base that makes it easy to adjust and a variety of colors, Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green.

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