Sonsoles Ónega’s professional plans in his new career with Antena 3

Just over a week ago, Antena 3 released one of its most controversial statements. It was none other than the announcement of the star signing of Sonsoles Ónega by the chain, thus immediately saying goodbye to what had been his home for more than a decade to begin a new stage within the competitive team. A decision that was not without criticism, with many followers of it’s already noon who have thought of the farewell of the presenter of the program he hosted.

Sonsoles Ónega
Sonsoles Ónega posando / Gtres

Once Joaquin Prat took his testimony in the midday space of Telecinco, and with the waters already calmer, the projects in which Sonsoles was involved with Atresmedia began to reveal themselves and that would have made him radically change his mind about your professional future. Something that his own father already foresaw was a “unique opportunity”, which would have presented itself to him “at a perfect moment in his career”.

Sonsoles Ónega during the Feria del Libro de Madrid / GTRES
Sonsoles Ónega during the Feria del Libro de Madrid / Gtres

As you may have discovered The week exclusively, during the last days the mistress of ceremonies lived with a “hard-to-digest sense of betrayal”. This is how one of his former colleagues described it, considering this movement as “a formidable stick and a disappointment, especially because of the shapes, having been done quickly and unexpectedly and without leaving any option to achieve to an agreement,” he said. For his part, Sonsoles is increasingly calm and eager to begin his journey with Antenna 3following a roadmap that its new administrators would have already indicated: “The idea is for him to do a kind of special before starting a format with continuity. You have to be how it works in the Antena 3 model”revealed a source from the chain, hinting that they already have ideas for their new member: “Obviously, we are talking about a magazine, a little over an hour and live, so that he can start in November. We want to follow the flagship trend that we have in the afternoons (…) Sonsoles gives liveliness to a show, it works very well live and that’s what still limps us on the network”, explains one of the journalist’s supporters in this new start.

Sonsoles Ónega / Telecinco
Sonsoles Ónega / Telecinco

As if that were not enough, this new colleague of Sonsoles would also have left a disc in the magazine The week of the last moments of the presenter in Telecincowhich would not have been quite idyllic: “He had a very bad time, especially in the last stage. She saw how they imposed on her based on what and how a war between producers escalated in which she had no desire to participate. She didn’t feel comfortable in a catfight, she had to see how Save me ridiculed her. It was a situation that I couldn’t understand,” the source said. But regardless, Ónega’s former producer, Licorne, considers her former employee’s attitude a “real stab in the back”, especially since “even the director, who worked with her on a daily basis, no one knew”.

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