Save £200 on this highly recommended Samsung 4K smart TV

Stop looking for your next Smart TV, because right now you can get a new 55-inch Samsung 4K resolution on sale for a limited time at MediaMarkt. This TV has everything you need to be the star of your living room for years to come. More than anything, because it’s the perfect size for anyone who wants a big TV, but doesn’t have enough space for more.

This TV comes with all kinds of smart features, although the best thing is that we can browse the Internet and watch movies or series with the best image quality. We are in front of a television which has a screen of 138 centimeters, LED backlight and is compatible with HDR10+. However, there are still many features that will be decisive when deciding to buy this TV.

Pantalla Crystal UHD 4K

As we said, we are facing a 55-inch TV (138 centimeters diagonal) with 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). As for the panel whose design is flat, it comes with the LED television technology. Moreover, it uses an image optimization system of UHD Crystal. But that’s not all, since this Samsung Smart TV is HDR10+ compatible and comes with a DLNA certificate.

Samsung UE55AU7175UXXC Smart TV

To everything we have mentioned about its screen, we must add that this TV will give us very well detailed images at all times with good color and contrast settings. Largely thanks to the PurColor Technology which we will see later, but which, in short, will allow us to receive a wider color spectrum with which we will be able to see more natural and vivid colors.

Tizen 6.0 and PurColor

This TV works with the Samsung’s Tizen operating system, especially with version 6.0. Thanks to this software, we will be able to install the main applications of the streaming platforms to watch series, films and documentaries, or even applications to watch videos on YouTube or, even, we have the possibility of downloading video call applications that will allow us to have conversations from the television itself. And that’s it, this Samsung UE55AU7175UXXC we can buy for 455 euros after a 29% discount on its original price.

Also we can connect samsung tv to computer or to the laptop or mobile phone in a simple way to project the content in large format. It has three HDMI ports, with a USB port and with Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi connection.

Within the characteristics of this Samsung Smart TV we find the PurColor technology with which Samsung promises us that it is as if we were inside the movie thanks to the large number of colors it is able to reproduce, managing to “create an image close to reality” on television.

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