Rosa López, in a bathing suit, after losing 40 kilos

Rosa López has always been very concerned about mental and physical well-being. When the winner of “Operation Triumph 1” was announced, a young artist was overweight. Since then, the singer has taken the path of taking care of herself and couldn’t be happier. On more than one occasion, Rosa López has explained that she is vegan and takes great care with her diet. It’s quite a challenge, because we can all fall into skipping the diet or sinning with sweets. Right now, it looks like the artist is wearing it divinely and achieving admirable results, both mentally and physically. That’s how he wanted to look like a “big guy” splashing around in the pool one day.

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Rosa López brags about a great guy

The singer is at the height of her professional career but from time to time she escapes to relax, how? Well, in the water because with this heat you can’t do anything else. Rosa is very happy with her body and she herself confessed to having lost 40 kilos. There’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself.


Mercedes Milá and Willian Levy, closer than ever

What seemed like a joke turned into a great friendship. The presenter fell in love with the actor from the first minute and now they share a very beautiful friendship. We love to see Mercedes so happy.


Carmen Lomana intimate Rosalia

The singer sweeps her tour in our country. The shows she puts on are pure gold and where there is glamor there is La Lomana. The two seem to have a great relationship.


Lola Indigo Claims Real Bodies

The singer has been a model for a brand of swimwear and could not be more beautiful. For many geeks, it’s all about professional posing and photo editing. The young woman wanted to show the reality of these photographs.


The great ‘coup’ of Laura Escanes

The influencer was enjoying a few days of disconnection with friends but she suffered a small incident. While she was on a boat and dying of laughter, she hit her head, which led them to make a funniest video for her.


Ana Luque winks at her great friend Olga Moreno

Although she was not a finalist, the candidate is extremely satisfied with her experience in Honduras. For the reception on set, Ana Luque borrowed from her great friend and last year’s winner, Olga Moreno, the garment with which she won.


Isco Alarcón and Sara Salamo train as a couple

If playing sports is difficult for you, try doing it as a couple like the actress and the footballer. She told through her stories that she was very driven and her boy not so much. At the end of the session both are dead, will they go back to sports together?

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