Real Zaragoza open with a 3-0 win over Aragon in an interesting repeat

The Real Zaragoza beat affiliate RZD Aragón 3-0 on Wednesday of Second RFEF, in the premiere with a real pre-season game. It was a game without too much tension, with a lot of test-tube football from both coaches, with the presence of Juan Carlos Carcedo on the Zaragoza bench as excellent news, after the heart problem that forced his hospitalization last Saturday. It’s time for exercises, various tests, to reiterate again and again the lessons of training.

The the domain was absolute and constant speak Royal Zaragoza from minute 1. The difference was noticeable, except for some sporadic bursts of an Aragón who had the reinforcement of Carbonell, usual in the pre-season of the first team until now waiting to know his future . Carcedowho was on the bench as soon as he left the hospital, pressure required in all areas of the pitch, attackers included, and also immediate reaction to the pressing in the event of loss of the ball. Characteristics that will be common in the team this year. Blanquillo’s coach has arranged two different XIs, without the newcomers sweet bread there Molina still dressed, without Nick Buyla summoned and with the five keys out of orbit, the Guardians Christian Alvarez and Mouse, in addition to Clement, Vigaray there shoemaker.

The first half ended 2-0. Puche, who alternated left-winger and centre-forward with Narváez in the first half, missed the first chance in a clear one-on-one that he finished crossed, centimeters wide in the 5th minute. Narvaezin the 9th, he only fired a center bitten from Larrazabal (right winger) and the ball went high. The superiority was seen very early. The first glimpse of the quality of Larraz’s team was put by Carbonell, in a hard right hand from 25 yards out in the 17th minute which debutant Rebollo twice dismissed with difficulty.

After this first score between two teams with very soft marks and few faults, the first goal came. Local centre-back Javi Hernández scored it in his own goal, in a closed and low center of Narváez. It was the 18th minute and the score already did justice to what had been seen. Benedet was able to equalize immediately, on a shot without a goalkeeper under the sticks that Lluís López avoided in the 20th minute, after a good rebound from Rebollo on a dry shot from Juan Sebastián, the long right-back of B who combined well with Marvin . But it was a sporadic event.

Carcedo’s game was ball control, side-to-side motion looking for above releases. There was a lack of precision, something normal when first going out on stage. The 2-0 was scored by Gámez, with a header, only at the far post in the middle of the other side, chavarria. Piece repeated in recent days in Boltanathis time performed in real game.

It’s not possible to draw too many conclusions from this first team reshuffle, even with many brands from the recent past. They still have many kilometers to go before they get to know each other and fully understand Carcedo’s method. This, yes, Rebollo honored his good footworkwith games of a certain risk at the start from behind, everything was resolved well.

In the second period, Carcedo taught another version which seems, this year, it will be used often: the defense at five, with three centrals: Francés, Nieto and, surprise, Grau as a free player. made its debut Simeon turned to the left wing of the attack, which was a few millimeters from the goal in the 59th minute after a violent strike from Vaquero which the goalkeeper of B Nico did not catch due to his power. Before, Aragón had two clear options to close the gap. One, in the 52nd minute, from a Beamonte header that grazed the crossbar one yard from Acín’s goal. And the other, at minute 61, when Rubio left Frances and finished the cross without taking the goal and without Fabio arriving at the far post to land a goalscoring number. In this second act, the differences between one team and the other were not as obvious as in the first version. Zaragoza noticed this 5-3-2 pattern and it was difficult for them to send. Something also normal when it has never been used as a basic diagram.

Real Zaragoza-RZD Aragón, first pre-season game
Real Zaragoza-RZD Aragón, first pre-season match
Daniel Marzo

The clearest chance for the Zaragoza players, after many minutes in thickness, was on the side Stain, alone in the area in the 70th minute, but whose faulty shot bounced off the left post. It was clear from the start of this duel that the important thing was not the score, but the implementation of the various initiatives that Carcedo asks of his men. There were plenty of forays down the wing and crosses were sought in the area but the shot was missing. It is a question of repetition and repetition. Learn by insisting.

In the last quarter of an hour, after a hydration stop with the thermometer a little lower in temperature, there was even more emphasis on the generation of the game by Grau from his own area, although ended up drawing a 4-1-4-1 which radically changed the original proposal. Carcedo likes the team to know how to change tactical manners on the fly every game. And, in these, was born good news at minute 72, when Bermejo scored the 3-0 from a direct free kick, after a foul on Simeone in a superb dribble on the edge of the area. It had been over three years since anyone had done such a thing. Important detail if it is the restart of goals from set pieces of this caliber.

Youngsters Vaquero and Luna debuted with good feelings and confidence, the latter with great crosses from the baseline, his most notable action in the lower categories. It lacked more tact in the advice. Zaragoza focused more on executing the initial phase of the match and the climax was left in the background. Thus, Azón, in the second half, was too isolated and inert. The names of the scorers perfectly describe this problem which, over the matches, will undoubtedly tend to improve.

And the trial ended 3-0 to everyone’s satisfaction. Interesting details of Real Zaragoza from Carcedo, despite the fact that it takes much longer for the tactical application, and good looks of a subsidiary in which Emilio Larraz he has the advantage of having 80% of the players he was promoted to last year. Everything as desired and expected.

Real Zaragoza-RZD Aragón, first pre-season game
Real Zaragoza-RZD Aragón, first pre-season match
Daniel Marzo

data sheet

Royal Zaragoza: Rebollo; Gámez, Lluís López, Jair, Chavarría; Petrovic, Eugeni, Vada; Larrazabal, Puche; and Narvaez. In the second part they played Acín; Moon, French, grandson, Lasure; Grau, Francho, Cowboy; Bermejo, Simeone; and Azon.

RZD Aragon: That’s life ; John Sebastian, Javi Hernandez, Borge, single; Isaiah, Benedict; Marvin, Basin; Carbonella and Orange. In the second half played Nico; Jay, Beamount, operated, Vallejo; Castle, John Lopez; Debris, Fabio, Courtois; and Blond.

Arbitrator: García Fernández (Aragonese Committee). He admonished Opera (53).

Goals: 1-0, min. 18: Javi Hernandez, own goal. 2-0, min. 31: Gamez. 3-0, min. 76: Red.

Case : Zaragoza’s first pre-season pre-season game, played at the club’s Ciudad Deportiva behind closed doors to the public after the concentration at Boltaña, where the match was to be played, was prematurely suspended. The lawn was in fair condition. Very hot afternoon, with 35 degrees and light wind. Coach Juan Carlos Carcedo witnessed the clash from the bench after being discharged from hospital shortly before after three and a half days in hospital with a heart condition suffered last Saturday.

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