Mónica Naranjo reconciles with Eurovision: she will present Benidorm Fest 2023

The singer will lead the new edition of the contest after “falling in love with Eurovision again” thanks to Chanel

RTVE called on Tuesday the press and the eurofans in Benidorm. I had news to tell about Benidorm Fest 2023, although there are still more than six months to go. He announced dates (from January 30 to February 4), maintained the momentum and gave details of the jury, which will be chaired by Nacho Cano. However, the breakthrough that surprised everyone the most was the signing of Mónica Naranjo: the singer will present the new edition of the contest. “In the first place because you invited me because a person like me who loves universal language like music is going to be a pleasure to present Benidorm Fest 2023,” he said, leaving those present stunned.

Mónica Naranjo joined the presentation via video call. She’s in Mexico overwhelmed on tour, but she wanted to be present when Spanish television announced her signing for what, for her, is the event that reconciled many followers with the format. “I was very disappointed with the latest developments regarding Eurovision. However, last year was something wonderful because we fell in love again with the most important event happening musically in Europe, for its presentation, for the staging, those voices, those artists … And I said like that, yes”, she specified before specifying: “This year is going to be stronger and more powerful”. The reason for this rapprochement was, for her, Chanel: “Not only do you have to be multidisciplinary, but also very balanced on your nerves. do what you did last year. You are brilliant. I like you”.

The singer is optimistic. He thinks it is possible that Spain will sooner or later return from Eurovision with the Crystal Microphone. Oh! And he announced that it will give a big surprise, although to find out what it is we will have to wait until January next year. The truth is that Mónica Naranjo is one of the most renowned singers in the country. He has tables on stage, but also on stage. No, this is not the first format he deals with.

You just have to remember the first edition of ‘Island of Temptations’, to which he put a soundtrack (which we continued to listen to in the rest of the editions) and in which he was moved and shared experiences in the light of the bonfires; or “Love with bail”. Before, he had already directed ‘Mónica y el sexo’ and participated in formats such as ‘Tu cara me sonido’, ‘Mask Singer’ or ‘Operación Triunfo’.

In addition to being a presenter who fits in with the philosophy of the competition, is also a eurofan”“Reenamora”. However, during this period of disenchantment, he had some harsh words with the format. “Eurovision is the biggest lie that exists in the music world,” Mónica Naranjo told “Bluper” seven years ago. “They are going to sit around, wait, plus I ask that no partners show up anymore.” Times change, formats improve and people fall in love all over again. On September 14 we will know more details about the new edition of Benidorm Fest.

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