iPhone 14 won’t be long: Apple has done its homework, and demand won’t matter | smart phones

There is not little information that has emerged regarding possible delays in the launch of the iPhone 14. But information is known from a very reliable source which indicates that Apple has done its homework so that this does not happen. Therefore, as expected, this new generation of phones will be released in September.

It is true that the North American company has encountered great difficulties, like all the giants that work in the technology segment. They range from supply chain issues to the effects of COVID in China, where there are still challenges in getting work done as usual and as fast as usual.

Front of Apple iPhone phone


Fortunately, the company run by Tim Cook (a procurement expert) they’ve been on the right track and quite reliably managed to prove the doomsdays wrong – or so it seems – and there’s no there will be no delay in Apple Flagship product for 2022: the iPhone 14. Good news if you are one of those who are going to change terminals when this model is official.

What Apple did to avoid failing with the iPhone 14

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an expert in what has to do with the Apple business, what has been achieved is diversify the production of components which will be part of the smartphone. This is something that is not very common in the company with the bitten apple, but with this she managed to avoid delays in forecasts. And it will be so even by satisfying the demand for shipments that has been established in a few 90 or 100 million units (among four iPhone 14 models to be announced in September).

But some components gave Apple a big headache. An example is the new RAM LPDDR5 which will include the Pro models of the new line of phones. It has been very difficult to stabilize it to achieve an adequate supply, but thanks to the use of additional suppliers to Samsung (such as Hynix or Micron), it seems that the bills are dwindling for the firm.

Another big challenge for the new iPhones was the new screens OLED that they integrate LG Display caused significant manufacturing problems, so here it had to give a radical turn to the forecast. Again, it was Samsung who came to the rescue with the iPhone 14. To complete the needs, BOE (a Chinese manufacturer) was used and, thus, this component will not cause problems either.

However, it is quite clear that Samsung it’s one of the big beneficiaries of Apple’s supply chain problems, and by making the vast majority of Apple’s smartphones, it’s going to make a lot of money. How times change, don’t they?

A new way of working for everyone

The pandemic and its attendant effects, such as shipping issues, have left Apple and many other companies thinking about how to work so far. depend on a sole sourcing turns out to be a total mistake, and more if it is in a single country. Therefore, the time for diversification has come and an example of its benefits is that iPhone 14 will have no delay.

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