Here’s What Kylie Jenner’s Private Jet Flights Look Like: 12-Minute Rides and Nearly a Ton of CO₂ | people

Kylie Jenner does not suffer from traffic jams. The influencer and businesswoman she takes her private plane, or that of her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott, for 12-minute trips. This is what emerges from the latest controversy in which the youngest of the Kardashian clan, very popular around the world for her reality, The Kardashians. During the 20 seasons of the program (and counting) these five sisters —Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie– have shown that extreme luxury and opulence can be the best of shows. But everything has a limit and Kylie Jenner’s latest post seems to have crossed it.

“Do you want to take yours or mine?” asked on his Instagram profile, what With more than 300 million followers, he is the second most followed in the world. (only behind Cristiano Ronaldo). Jenner accompanied the question with a photo in which she was seen kissing her partner and surrounded by two jets private. The businesswoman, who built her fortune, in part thanks to a line of vegan cosmeticsoften travels in his own plane.

This contradiction has brought her on other occasions to the wrath of her fans, but this last Publishwhich has 42,000 comments, raised the level of criticism. “Kylie Jenner choosing which color of jet private wants today when I have to gulp down my iced coffee before my straw turns into papier-mâché? I like. “It breaks my mind that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend can choose what jet They’re going to California and we poor people are going to recycle soda pods to take care of the world,” another quipped.

Far from getting worse, the controversy took on new impetus when a tweet from the Celebrity Jets account, which monitors the movements of private planes of celebrities. We then learned that they had finally taken Kylie’s. And that the day before they had opted for Travis’s. But the juicy bit of information wasn’t that, but rather that the journey they were making then, from Van Nuys, Calif., to Camarillo, Calif., took a total of 12 minutes, counting the landing. and take off. The same route can be covered by car in around 40 minutes, according to Google Maps.

Celebrity Jets is an automated account, a robot which publishes the flights of various celebrities in real time, using the public information that these devices must provide for security reasons. Thanks to this profile, it is also known that Kylie’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, took a 15-minute flight on her plane last week. During this trip, he spent 442 liters of fuel and emitted a ton of carbon dioxide. It was also made public that rapper Drake doesn’t stop there across southern Europe. He moved on his jet, in just one week, from Barcelona to Ibiza (emitting 11 tons of CO₂) from Ibiza to Nice (22 tons) and from Nice to Barcelona (16 tons). According to Celebrity Jets, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jay Z, Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Swift are among the celebrities who have also opted for this means of transport over the past month.

Private planes pollute 10 times more than commercial planes and 50 times more than trains. A report by the Transport&Environment group, in which Ecologistas en Acción participates, ensures that its emissions have jumped 31% in Europe over the past 15 years. According to data from this group, emissions from a jet in a four-hour journey, they are equivalent to the “total emissions generated by an average person per year”.

This is one of the reasons why 19-year-old programmer Jack Sweeney created the Celebrity Jets account. The young man spoke on Twitter about the controversy sparked by the brief escape of Kylie Jenner. He prefers not to get his fingers caught and suggests that this little trip could be to park the device, after leaving the influencer on an airfield closer to my home. There’s no way to tell and anyway, many Jenner flights last between 20 and 30 minutes. Perhaps that’s why Sweeney sympathizes with social anger. “I can understand why people sue them if they post pictures and show themselves. jets“, he said on his Twitter.

This planner doesn’t just monitor celebrity thefts. He has another account that tracks the flights of Air Force One – the US presidential plane – another for Putin and the Russian tycoons (recently visited non-aligned countries like Iran) and another for Elon Musk. The Tesla owner tried to close the account with a checkbook, even though his offer to be the richest man in the world was not particularly generous: he offered $5,000. Sweeney haggled and the thing fell apart. The mogul who fights for freedom on Twitter blocked the young programmer on this same social network and continued to travel in his private plane in the eyes of the world. Right now it’s down, undergoing a lengthy overhaul in California, not far from Kylie Jenner’s house.

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