FIFA 23 impressions, the first step into the future of EA Sports FC

As every year, EA Sports paved the way to launch a new opus of Fifa, FIFA 23who on this occasion will be, as many of you already know, the last one before leaving the permit and start a new path with EA Sports FC will be the name of the saga from 2023.

With this premise, EA Sports faces a special version, a last dance for the saga as we knew it until nowwith a delivery that will have Kylian Mbappé (the famous PSG player) and Sam Kerr (the Chelsea striker) as cover stars and which will also come with some very interesting playable and technical modifications.

Two World Cups for the price of one

One of the key points of this opus is that for the first time in the history of the saga we are going to have two world cups in the same editionstarting with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 which will take place at the end of the year, in addition to the presence of the Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup 2023something important in a delivery that will focus heavily on women’s football this year.

EA Sports is also already giving us a preview that we are going to be facing the most complete and largest edition of the entire saga. both in terms of teams and licenses (90,000 players and around thirty leagues), and in terms of game modeswith the classics FUT, Volta or Carrera present, although at the moment we cannot tell you about the specific news of any of them.

For the first time, we will have two World Cups in a single delivery, since we will be able to play both that of Qatar and that of Australia and New Zealand.
For the first time, we will have two World Cups in a single delivery, since we will be able to play both that of Qatar and that of Australia and New Zealand.

A FIFA for all audiences regardless of your console and the current generation on PC

From EA Sports they assure that they have thought of everything so that FIFA 23 be a game that can enjoy all kinds of players and that the adaptation to the title is easy for those who come for the first time in the saga, either because it is their first football match, if they have not played a title of this type for a long time or if they come from other games like eFootballplayers will have a new training center with which they can familiarize themselves with the controls and learn to play with a series of challenges and chapters in which we can learn more about the game or improve our skills.

FIFA 23it’s a game for all players regardless of the platform they have since this delivery start with cross-play between all 1 vs. modes. 1 allowing us to play with our friends of the same generation of consoles. For example, if we have an Xbox One we can play with PS4 players and if we have a PS5 we can play with those of Xbox Series X/S or Stadia, while in the future EA Sports is working to that cross-play can also be cross-generational (i.e., say someone playing on PS4 can do it with a friend on XSX, for example).

EA Sports strives to offer cross-generational cross-play although at launch it is not
EA Sports strives to offer cross-generational cross-play even though at launch it will only be available between platforms of the same generation.

Also, for players of computer we have great news because the computer version of FIFA 23 will be based on the current generation of consolesthat is, they will finally have a fully updated version of the EA Sports football simulator and will be able to play matches against PC players (obviously), PS5, XSX/S or Stadia from the start.

Hypermotion 2, a new motion capture and animation system to change everything

When it comes to gameplay, the biggest change this year is HyperMotion 2the evolution of the player motion and animation capture system that they introduced last year with which EA Sports wants to change everything at the gameplay level, laying the foundations for the next installments which, as we mentioned before , will be EA Sports FC.

Thanks to the advantages of motion capture and the evolution of HyperMotion 2 animations, we will notice some playable improvements, for example, in the dribblewith a system to dribble and make different actions with the ball to move away from an opponent that will be more fluid, more realistic and with a strong differentiating factor between each type of player, correcting the mistakes of other years such as, for example , that players feel like they are sliding or skidding on the ground while dribbling, now feeling more stable and realistic in this type of movement.

Dribbles or changes of pace count
Dribbling or changes of pace will have a special role in this episode of FIFA.

Closely related to dribbling is the “accelerator” system players. Previously it was quite “easy” to predict in-game which player would hit a shared ball first (essentially the one with the highest speed), but now new variations are going to be added. During the presentation, we were given the example of MbappĂ©, a very explosive player at short distances, and of Virgil, the central defender of Liverpool who, although he does not have such a powerful start, can reach a great speed over long distances thanks to its long stride. , these are two players who they can be fast albeit with different archetypes, and all of that will now be taken into account in-game to give more realism to chasing a player, fighting for a split ball, or having the power to cut a ball.

In FIFA 23 also present some motorized shotskicks that we will do by pressing the buttons at the same time L1 and R1 or LB and RB next to the fire button and that they will be very powerful and precise, being a deadly weapon if we use players like Messi, although it will be very important to know how to choose when to use them if we want them to be successful.

Power shots, revamp
Reinforced shots, a rework of set pieces and improvements here and there will have a significant impact on the flow of matches.

Another key point that will change in the game is the free kick and penalty kick system, which will be much more complete and intuitive than previous years and, for us, we think it’s also accurate, allowing us to more easily choose the trajectory of the ball or the type of shot.

They also have tweaked and adjusted players ability to control the ball and the reaction of goalkeepers when they go out or when they have to deal with an attacker who is going to finish with a header has been improved, with more realistic shots and reactions than in previous years.

Visual and sound adjustments for a better football experience

FIFA 23 will stand out, once again, for its spectacular visual when it comes to giving us a football experience, retouching different technical aspects to make everything better, not only in terms of animations but also in the details of the stadiums, the field (with improvements to the grass and its deterioration), elements such as the nets of the goalkeepers, improvements also in the public, the interface and the additions of many lines of dialogue at least in the English commentators that we will see if they move to Spain.

Multiple audiovisual improvements are also added, especially highlighting the appearance of grass in the current generation of consoles.

The latest FIFA and the first step for EA Sports FC

EA Sports looks like wants to close the saga in style Fifa with a FIFA 23 It seems that it will be very complete in terms of content, with a large number of teams and leagues, greater prominence of women’s football and two different World Cups that we will enjoy throughout the year.

Moreover, the new technology HyperMotion 2 looks set to lay the groundwork for the future already with EA Sports FCintroducing a more realistic animation system with obvious adjustments in the gameplay when shooting on goal, in particular in the execution of free throws, which is the most notable change this year as well as various visual improvements that will allow us to enjoy of the best audiovisual football experience in a video game.

We wrote this preview after watching a virtual presentation of FIFA 23.

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