Everything you want to know about the Bizum app is here

The Bizum app It has become in its own right one of the most useful during transactions. There is no easier way to send or receive money than doing it with this application, in seconds and with the guarantee of security. We tell you what you need to know about Bizum, all the questions you have in mind are here.

Everything you wanted to know about Bizum

Bizum is an app that connects to one of 30 associated banks and allows users to send and receive money. Whichever bank you belong to among these 30, for Bizum to work, you only need a mobile phone number.

Is there a Bizum app?

No, Bizum works integrated into your bank’s application.

Can I have more than one Bizum account?

No, since it is associated with your ID. It doesn’t matter if you change mobile, what anchors you to Bizum is your username. However, 2 mobile numbers can be associated with a Bizum. Imagine the case of a couple using the same bank account, there would be no problem.

I changed banks, can I take Bizum with me?

Of course, you just need to register with this new bank. Bizum will tell you that there is already an account associated with another bank and if you want to modify it. The process is immediate.

Are there commissions associated with Bizum?

No, use Bizum It is free for individuals.

What amounts can be sent or received?

The minimum amount is 50 cents and the maximum per transaction is €1,000. Each day, a person can send a maximum of €2,000, the total for a month being €5,000.

Can I buy in store?

Yes, more and more people are accepting Bizum as a payment method. In the case of companies, no limit is applied, you can pay with this application as many times as you want. you can even pay your fines in some municipalities.

Donate to an NGO with Bizum

Many NGOs use Bizum so that you can send them money. There are currently hundreds associated with Bizum. Sending is done in the same way, but not to an associated mobile number, but to a code0 that everyone has. If you have carried out a transaction, you can request a tax certificate by contacting them.

Bizum to receive money

The app lets you make a request to someone who owes you money. It is very simple to recover this amount from yesterday’s dinner. Be careful, many scammers use this system to deceive you, so read the request beforehand so you can differentiate that it is a request, and not a shipment they made to you.

Should I put a concept in the shipment?

Yes, you must always indicate what this money is used for. It will be enough to put something like “travel payment”, “weekly purchase” or whatever. Be very careful when putting stupid. things like “drugs”, “payment of assassins” or “sending arms to the Congo” they will not go unpunished. Before long, you will receive a call from your bank, more specifically from the money laundering department, asking you to give an explanation and you will find yourself in trouble if you are not convincing.

Here are the most common questions and answers about the Bizum app. Became a much faster system than transfers and this allows you to comfortably solve any type of economic problem between the users who use it.

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