Eva Cobo, the ex of Toni Cant, comes out of her silence a decade after the tragic death of their daughter

Former actress, now a businesswoman


The former actress has changed her life 180 degrees and runs her own oil company

Former actress Eva Cobo, in an image from 2003.
Former actress Eva Cobo, in an image from 2003.GTRES

Eva Cobo it was, in the at 90, one of the actresses and television presenters the most popular and recognized from the national scene. Not only that, his sentimental relacion with him at that time also an actor Toni Cant (before she began her career in politics), immediately made her one of the protagonists of the specialized press for coated papers, even becoming Daughter of Almodvar. A fame to which she herself wanted to give deadbolt in 2004, when she slipped away from the media spotlight until 2011, when fate put her back on today’s cover due to the dramatic death at 18 in a traffic accident Carlota, the girl who had the fruit of her relationship with Cant.

Almost two decades after his retirement and 10 years after the sad passing of his daughter, the current businesswoman based in Malaga broke his silence to speak to the magazine Hello ! of his current year and remember the most complicated moments of his past. Separated from her last husband, Eva very graphically summed up these years of transformation in a few short lines: “I retired in 2004. the last thing i did it was the game Madrid steel and the movie Not, by Federico Luppi. At that time, I was pregnant with Roberto, my grandson and threat of premature labor (…). When I was born, added to other personal circumstances, I decided devote myself to the family”, according to her at the request of her former husband, the Galician businessman Roberto Diaz Rincn.

Cobo, in a scene from 'Matador', pel
Cobo, in a scene from ‘Matador’, a film by Almodvar.

After living for six years in La Coruña there move to London, where he spent the last decade after the fatal accident suffered by his daughter, Eva lives happily in Torremolinos (Mlaga) for a year. It all started his great commercial adventure by exploiting your own signature oils From Cobo. A completed project with Javier Navas and Mariv Navarro, partners and friends of Eva, and it came true, rediscovering her joy: “We are very happy because it was internationally recognized in Paris, Japan and Los Angeles, receiving the Mezquita de Córdoba Gold Award”.

During his reunion with the media, Cobo did not want to ignore the sad loss of his daughter more than 10 years ago. A brutal event which, as she herself confirmed, It took a lot for him to recover to the point of hitting bottom:

“I fell into a very strong depression and I was practically unable to get out of bed for a year. I didn’t understand how people lived their lives as if nothing had happened.” Finally, love for her two other children I helped Eva to move forward although she still lived with pain the dates indicated: “It gives me the doldrums when the complicated dates approach; your birthday which is November 20, the Christmas…”. A sadness that he manages to overcome thanks to his special feelings towards Carlota: “Now she is waiting for me, Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. and I feel like it’s with me,” says Cobo. “Sometimes I sit in one place and Suddenly his scent overwhelmed me… It’s like I have a guardian angel.”

The sweet memory of the businesswoman clashes head-on with the response to her relationship with her daughter’s father: “I have no relationship with Toni. I had no relationship with him before the accident and I had none after. So I have nothing to say,” he said.

Now the former actress make sure you’re not looking for love after three unsuccessful relationships, those he had with the respective fathers of his three children. Even though is not closed to fall in love again, His conclusion is clear: “I don’t even trust myself to choose. I told my friends to look. When they come to a consensus, I will look.”

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