Cupra takes the plunge and begins marketing in Australia

  • The Seat SA brand introduces its range to the Asia-Pacific market as the first step in its global expansion

  • After opening in Sydney, Wayne Griffiths names US and South Korean markets as next target

behind the pulse event What Cupra held in Terramar (Sitges) just a month ago, the first jump of this new cupra boost arrived today with opening in Syndey (Australia) of his first City Garage. With this first, Wayne Griffithspresident of Cupra and Seat, begins the commercial offensive of the Spanish brand internationally outside Europe. The Australian market will be the first to start rolling with the Cupra models, and the idea is that sales of the Spanish models will soon follow in United States and South Korea.

East globalization of Cupra consolidates the strategic vision of the signature of the Seat company in the world. The landing in Australia is no coincidence and is seen as the start of an offensive, an impulse that must lead to the new Seat to become a benchmark in its segment: sporty, electric and young. From the brand they insist on their disruptive spirit in the logic of profitabilityexpress condition imposed by the Volkswagen Group. With Cupra, they have cost effectiveness and bold sophistication, concepts that will be the banner for its launch in Australia.

The President of Seat SA, wayne griffiths, was confident in the success of his commercial opening outside Europe at the premiere of Cupra’s City Garage today in Sydney. “Our drive to bring the Cupra brand to the rest of the world is unstoppable – paraphrasing the slogan coined at Terramar ‘Impulse Unstoppable’ -. By launching the brand in Australia, we are taking the first big step in our globalization”, dijo Griffiths.

“Australia is a strategic global market for development in AAsia Pacific and beyond. Our strategy here is to start with the development of the brand and to carry out the first product offensive, with the launch of the Ateca, the Lion and the Formentor. The Birth of Cupra will arrive in 2023, followed by our new heroes Terramar, Tavascan and UrbanRebel, which will do so from 2025. We want to be the relevant, cool and attractive brand that combines sportiness and electrification. Our ambition is to eventually achieve more than 5% market share in the electricity segment in this country,” said the president.

Consolidate growth

cupra must be the Seat lifeguard as a long term business, and that is why its international openness and the attribution of a second electric platform for the plant martorell which is added to that already granted for the production from 2025 small 100% electric vehicles from the brands of volkswagen group.Opening begins today in australia and the price is getting closer.

The Cupra brand was born in 2018 and its turnover has increased from 430 million euros to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021. With its irruption in Australia and other “overseas” markets, the brand hopes to consolidate its growth. In Australia, Cupra’s goal is quadruple their annual sales of 1,600 cars planned for 2022, looking for the number of 7,000 cars in 2025. Initially, the idea is to develop the brand and launch a product offensive, for which it will use the agency model (the vehicle belongs to the brand, not the dealer) to market their cars, selling the Cupra Ateca, Formentor and Leon (both in its petrol and plug-in hybrid versions).

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As for the electric models, it will also offer the Born from first quarter 2023. The director of Cupra in Australia, Ben Wilk, believes that with this model, the brand will also sow the seed of electrification in a large market in terms of extension, although restricted in terms of volume. “Cupra is recognized in Australia as a performance brand that targets driving and design enthusiasts. We will be one of the first European brands to bring plug-in hybrid vehicles to Australians. We have received over 11,000 expressions of interest for customers. Additionally, Launch Edition sales are a good indicator for a brand that is brand new to Australia. We look forward to introducing the Born, the brand’s first all-electric model, which will be coming to this market. at the beginning of 2023 and From 2025 Cupra will begin its second offensive on the continent with the arrival of the Terramar, Tavascan and Raval (UrbanRebeI).

With the inauguration of City Garage of Cupra in sydney there are already seven that are open in the world. That of Australia joins those of Mexico, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Lisbon and Rotterdam.

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