Covid: when will the next generation of vaccines arrive that protects us against new variants of the coronavirus?

  • André Biernath
  • BBC News Brazil

Researcher holds a sample of a vaccine.

image sources, Getty Images


In practice, the dose update process is more complicated than first thought.

A year and a half after the administration of the first doses, covid-19 vaccines must be updated to combat omicron subvariants, such as BA.1. BA. 4 and BA. 5.

They should be available between September and October 2022, according to what is expected by drug and pharmaceutical regulatory agencies such as Moderna and Pfizer, both producers of vaccines already approved and used on a large scale in much of the world.

“It is strongly recommended and necessary that we have new vaccines”, says pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Renato Kfouri, director of the Brazilian Vaccination Society.

In practice, the process of updating doses is more complicated than initially thought.

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