Copper defrauds the investor! Why I recommend never investing in gold. What is the price of silver? (silver price) Gold is quoted today at 1713.84 USD


What is the metal that can bring us the least long-term benefits? Gold, copper and silver are our target right now. Are you interested in knowing its evolution in the last hours? Their prices seem to be conditioned in our analysis today Wednesday 20 lipiec 2022 by currencies such as the US currency as well as events that have taken place in its history.

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How to invest correctly in copper?

Minimum copper prices $7341
Maximum copper price increase $7466
Current copper prices $7441
Copper Session Initial Prices $5990

copper facts

In short, copper is a metal that may be of interest to us, especially because of the most recent moments and events in the market, which at the current value of $5,990. The metal reaches the current value from several downward and upward strokes, between which one reaches the top of the ascent and the lowest level. The maximum level is seen at $7,466, while the lowest level is seen at around $7,341.


Real-time chart of the metal Copper over a 24-hour period

Why I recommend never investing in gold.

minimum gold quotes $1705.86
Maximum increase in the price of gold $1713.84
current gold prices $1709.71
Gold Session Initial Courses $1424.36

facts of gold

Gold, as the most popular metal, one of the values ​​in which we invest the most, will currently remain at $1424.36. Let’s not forget that this is not the only value that holds our attention; We also find the peak of the rise, without forgetting the lowest moment, in the case of prices such as 1713.84 and 1705.86 dollars, respectively.


Real-time chart of the gold metal over a 24-hour period

We already have the silver prizes!

Minimum silver quotes $18,719
Rise in the price of silver $18,901
current silver prices $18,921
Silver session initial quotes $15,365

money facts

Before deciding to invest in silver, we must keep a close eye on the values ​​that are important in its development. Among the equivalents of the metal we are talking about that can catch our attention the most are the highest price, $18,901, and similarly the lowest price, $18,719. Does the price of these moments deviate much from the expected? Its equivalent is around $15,365.


Real-time chart of the silver metal over a 24-hour period

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