Carlos Sobera’s Laughter Attack With ‘First Dates’ Diner Sex Confession

Very few diners can shake things up like what Maria did in “First Dates.” This 68-year-old businesswoman and resident of Malaga arrived at the restaurant having very clearly the requirements that her ideal man must have: “I don’t like people my age because it doesn’t work. I want someone powerful, clean, handsome and talkative“.

“I don’t know what happens to men, they are very attracted to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m oriental. I am like Isabel Preysler, but poorer & rdquor ;, affirmed María in her first minutes in the premises of the Cuatro program.

Later, María caused a fit of laughter in Carlos Sobera after he confessed after asking how long he had been without a partner: “I am alone but not in bad company. i have 7 lovers“.

seven lovers? At a time? One for each day of the week?“, said the Cuatro presenter, laughing at this answer. “I call them when I’m hot. When Maria wants war, she calls them. I don’t need an aphrodisiac, I don’t drink alcohol either. That’s why I’m very strong in sex. Let’s see if I find love like this & rdquor ;, answered María.

A few minutes after that moment, María knew she was going to meet Pablo, a 62-year-old singer from Madrid, who also entered the restaurant with very clear ideas about how they like women: “I like to have fun and that they enjoy life, but above all that they are educated“.

After meeting for the first time, the truth is that the date was only a matter of seconds. As soon as she saw him, María was not enthusiastic about Pablo, causing the meeting to end prematurely in the reserved summer: “I wanted him with hair“.

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The first thing that lets you go is that I asked for it with hair…I mean don’t offend me“, assured Pablo, who preferred to leave by attacking María in another total in front of the cameras: “You are ugly, and physically you are a coconut. I wanted her pretty and slender.”

“They put a really ugly one on me. Bald and hostile to boot. He called me fat. Shameless,” María told Cuatro’s dating cameras, laughing at her words. “I am beautiful. I’m worth more than him“, said the businesswoman. “I can’t stand the lack of respect and the lack of education,” said Pablo.

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