already has a date for the trial

Twitter sued Elon Musk, for breaking the contract to purchase the social network. The millionaire, very much in his style, caused an uproar by announcing the purchase of Twitter and a few days then he started backing up. Now a Delaware Court of Equity judge has set a trial date for October and not as requested by the Tesla founder who claimed longer, until Februaryto prepare your defense.

The the judge agrees with Twitter, expressed interest in speed up the process against Elon Musk given that “irreparable” damage for the company has increased over time.

Twiiter’s lawyers, for their part, assured last Saturday that They only need four days To demonstrate that richest person in the world must complete his OK“.

Elon Musk alleges Twitter failed to give him information about fake accounts

Elon Musk, used to these riots who talks with his behaviours, justifies his walk backwards in the purchase of Twitter, because the company – according to him, did not provide him with the information you asked about calls fake accounts.

The bone Elon Musk’s Lawyers, for their part, proposed that the trial be held in February 2023, arguing that the deadline for the agreement “is automatically extended” in the event of a dispute, which would not affect the process. Other sources close to the millionaire founder of Tesla have suggested that the lawyers want to have more time to build your case.

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On July 9, Elon Muski informed Twitter that he gave up buying the social network after receiving no response from the company when he asked for information about the number of fake accounts on the platform, as well as the management of their audit and suspension.

Twitter didn’t wait and a few days later he presented in front of a Delaware state court nail lawsuit against a controversial billionaire to force him to fulfill his offer to buy the company after breaking the agreement between the parties.

“Musk apparently believes that, unlike any other party subject to Delaware contract law, he is free to change your mind, destroy the company, disrupt their operations, destroy shareholder value,” a Twitter official said, according to NBC News.

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