Why didn’t you visit Anabel in Survivors?

    Survivors 2022‘ is coming to an end, and although almost everyone has received many surprises and visits from family and friends, Anabel Pantoja almost reached the final without receiving anything. “In extremis”, the young received a visit from his friend Juan and a drawing by his nephew Albertito that made him very excited. However, many hoped that the visit would come from a closer relative, such as Isabel Pantoja or her cousin Isa, which did not happen. most similar, a video call with his mother, Merchi. Because?

    It is Isa herself who has already confided on her social networks that her mother “was not there and that she was not expected” when she had been a candidate for the 2019 edition: she did not would not go see his niece he was also not going to be present at the finale of ‘Survivors’ if Anabel arrives by helicopter at Telecinco, and the Isa also had no intention of going to Honduras. Now we know why: she had to stay with her son and she couldn’t afford to go to the other side of the world for several days, which is the time you must be present for tour registration. We give you all the details about when and where to watch the ‘Survivors 2022’ finale.

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    Precisely because Anabel lasted almost to the end without visits or surprises (just the visit of Yulen Pereira’s mother, Arelyseven though I didn’t even know her) the young woman was in a very bad mood until at last he received everything at once, including a birthday partyit was July 15th.

    Anabel Pantoja in Survivors 2022

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    For this reason, Anabel was very dramatic in the contest, crying for practically everything, something that upset some people, like Joaquín Prat: “I won’t repeat the sentence, but I think Marta Peñate sums it up really well… she spends the whole fucking day with the drama“.”But what does Anabel think? That they won’t throw her a birthday party, that she won’t get a surprise, that they won’t remember her?you take a friend, a great contest a paste to be there every week… Damn, you can’t spend all day with the drama”condemned before knowing if Anabel would reach the final for his nomination with Nacho Palau.

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