who is the winner of the 100,000 euro prize

While the applicants had not yet overcame Patricia’s eviction last week, Chef published the finale of its tenth edition. This presented the finalists Adrian, David, Maria Lo and Veronica, but in the final duel there was only room for two.

The first name came out of the test that opened the program. It consisted of preparing while Carlos Maldonado, one of their dishes. Despite the speed, the pressure and the nerves, there is someone who has achieved a more than acceptable result, and that is María Lo.

The woman from Cadiz thus achieved first place as a duelist. The following was decided during the outdoor test. In it, for the first time, the three judges were among the guests. They also did not want to miss the appointment of the managers and judges of the editions of the competition from other countries.

The menu was designed and directed by the Roca brothers, but it was not up to the candidates, who made the preparations and, despite some nuances and errors, presented correct dishes. Despite this, there could only be one more duelist, and that ended up being Veronicawho displayed an unusual calm and cheerfulness that catapulted her into getting the long-awaited jacket.

This implied that Adrian and David will stay out of the Talent. Although for a short time, as they returned, along with the rest of the former contestants, to see the latest cuisine from the edition. In it, María Lo and Verónica had to prepare a complete menu.

In addition to the old edition competitors, they also did not want to miss the final battle Ferran Adria there Franc Roddam, filmmaker and creator of the format Chefwhich first emerged in 1990, in the UK.

Relatives of the two duelists also joined in, adding an emotional touch to the evening. Once in the kitchen, María Lo took the opportunity to review different parts of his life through products from different places who walked on it

His menu therefore spoke of Cadiz, Galicia, Barcelona and, finally, China. The young woman has finished accepting one’s roots in the programbecause to this day and inherited from his father he somehow denies the Asian country.

For her part, Veronica exposed through her plates one of their biggest concerns: climate change. To do this, he evoked the seasons in a menu that surprised by the use of animal products, something unusual for her. Despite a few nuances, their proposals were very popular, especially the dessert.

This one was dedicated to the fall, and Salamanca couldn’t help but cry (as with most programs, because it’s easy to tear) as she showed her hopes that this fall will be better than the previous ones. , since to date it was the season that least liked to involve return to a routine he didn’t enjoy professionally, away from the kitchen.

María wins the ‘MasterChef 10’

The time has come for the evaluations of the one Samantha Vallejo-Nagera considered “one of the closest duels to date”. Thus, and despite the fact that the judges are full of praise for Veronica for her tenacity, her perseverance and her ability to reinvent herself, the winner turned out to be María Lo.

Not the very Ferran Adrià knew how to put any fault on his menuand for this reason, the cook won a trophy for winning, the possibility of publishing her own cookbook, training at the Basque Culinary Center and 100,000 euros in cash.

“The satisfaction and self-improvement that I feel is incredible and even more so with the tests that have been imposed on us. This is my dream, I have achieved a dream, I think this It is the most important experience of my life.Lo celebrated.

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Final of ‘Masterchef 10’, live: who is the winner of the €100,000 prize

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