What happened to the first winners of the contest: Juanma, Vicky and Carlos Maldonado

Master Chef Spain has just completed its tenth edition. The culinary competition has become one of the most successful programs on Spanish public television. The unknown jury composed of Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and Jordi Cruz in 2013, is today the most popular trio on television thanks to a format that brings together millions of viewers every Monday in front of the small screen.

In these ten editions of Chef More than 150 candidates passed through the kitchens of the program, but only 10 candidates managed to win the title of Master Chef Spain. Before María Lo, there were nine people for whom the cooking competition changed their lives. Some have passed in other editions of the competition like Aleix, Vicky and Carlos Maldonado, the latter guided the finalists in a cooked in the grand final of the tenth edition. However, the presence of a few other winners is missed.

Juan Manuel, winner of ‘MasterChef 1′

Juan Manuel, has the honor of having created the title of Master Chef in Spain. Before the program, the candidate worked for years as a waiter, now, after completing the program and following his father’s advice to fight for his dreams, Juan Manuel owns his own workshop in his hometown, Albox, in Almería. Likewise, it has also been the image of different food brands.

Juan Miguel, first winner of 'MasterChef'

Juan Miguel, first winner of ‘MasterChef’


Vicky Pulgarín, winner of ‘MasterChef 2’

After winning the second edition of the program, Vicky continued to train at iconic venues such as Le Cordon Bleu, El Bohío, ABaC and Kabuki. Today he applies everything he learned in his restaurant business in Mallorca. The winner of Master Chef 2 offers avant-garde cuisine for all kinds of events.

Vicky, second winner of 'MasterChef'

Vicky, second winner of ‘MasterChef’


Carlos Maldonado, winner of ‘MasterChef 3’

Carlos Maldonado is the one who has progressed the most in terms of awards and recognition. The third winner of Master Chef Spain took Talavera de la Reina to the top thanks to the Michelin Guide thanks to his restaurant, Raíces, with which he obtained the long-awaited Michelin star, he is the first competitor in the world to achieve this feat, and a sun from the Repsol guide .

Carlos Maldonado, third winner of 'MasterChef'

Carlos Maldonado, third winner of ‘MasterChef’


Virginia, winner of ‘MasterChef 4’

Virginia attended the fourth edition of Chef hand in hand with her twin sister, Raquel. However, both sisters had different luck, the second was left at the gates, and Virginia managed to win the long-awaited title of the program. Of course, today the two twins got together and created a deli called Las gemelas al Jerez.

Virginia, fourth winner of 'MasterChef'

Virginia, fourth winner of ‘MasterChef’


Jorge Brazález, winner of ‘MasterChef 5’

Another contestant who had the longest run on television was Jorge Brazález. The former footballer demonstrated in Chef 5 that in addition to having good control with his feet, he was also very delicate when it came to cooking. After winning the culinary competition, Brazález also participated in competitions such as The challenge on Antena 3 and starred in several commercials. In addition, it has a restaurant, Roto, in the Marina de Ibiza.

Jorge Brazález, fifth winner of 'MasterChef'

Jorge Brazález, fifth winner of ‘MasterChef’


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Marta Verona, winner of ‘MasterChef 6′

Marta was the winner of the sixth edition of Chef. The young woman was surprised by her great knowledge of nutrition and dietetics and won the TVE competition jacket. Later he studied at the Basque Culinary Center and also collaborated in the cooking program of know how to live. In addition, in social networks he accumulates more than 153,000 subscribers.

Marta Verona, sixth winner of 'MasterChef'

Marta Verona, sixth winner of ‘MasterChef’


Aleix Puig, winner of ‘MasterChef 7’

Another of the most notorious names among the infuriates is that of Aleix Puig. His life took a drastic 180 degree turn from working at the family fish market to realizing his big dream. The Catalan has opened his own burger restaurant, Vicio. So far, the winner of Master Chef 7 It has two stores in Barcelona and a delivery in Madrid. A company with which she managed to charge millions of euros with only a year of life.

Aleix Puig, seventh winner of 'MasterChef'

Aleix Puig, seventh winner of ‘MasterChef’


Ana Iglesias, winner of ‘MasterChef 8’

Ana won the contest showing great evolution in the eighth edition. Plus, the winner would face one of the tightest duels in memory against Andy. Currently, she has her own jewelry store, called Dos Primeras, but she is also still linked to gastronomy through her social networks. Ana Iglesias shares healthy recipes with her followers.

Ana Iglesias, eighth winner of 'MasterChef'

Ana Iglesias, eighth winner of ‘MasterChef’


Arnau, winner of ‘MasterChef 9′

Arnau won the ninth edition of Chef just a year ago. The King of the Pit, as he was known for the continuous elimination tests he underwent until he was crowned the winner, is still tied to the kitchen after leaving the contest. Arnau is in charge of Molí de la Vansa, in Boada (Lleida), a family culinary project. In addition, he also collaborates on TV3.

Arnau, ninth winner of 'MasterChef'

Arnau, ninth winner of ‘MasterChef’


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