We analyze Iberdrola! Naturgy is putting the Ibex 35 in order. Watch out for investments in Repsol! What about Repsol share price today, 19 lipiec 2022?

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We are facing the revision of the active elements, among others 32, the Ibex 35. Being Tuesday 19 Lipiec 2022, we are going to talk about Iberdrola, Repsol and Naturgy which are fully in the center of attention. What are the Ibex 35 index expert’s favorite companies? Do you trade stocks of this type or do you prefer other different investment assets?

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We are currently monitoring the trajectory of the Spanish Ibex 35 index live:

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The Ibex index is composed of:

Cellnex Telecom, Grupo ACS, BBVA, Bankinter, Almirall, Iberdrola, Merlin Properties, Inditex, Aena, ArcelorMittal, Red Eléctrica Corporación, Meliá Hotels International, Fluidra, Amadeus IT Group, Mapfre, PharmaMar, ViscofanAcciona, CaixaBank, Telefónica, CIE Automotive, Indra Systems, Acerinox, Solaria Energy and Environment, Repsol, Banco Santander, Naturgy, Grifols, Banco Sabadell, IAG, Inmobiliaria Colonial, Endesa, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Enagás, Ferrovial,

Quotes from Repsol on the Ibex35

EUR 12,089 EUR

Iberdrola SA quotes on the Ibex35

EUR 9,856 EUR

Ibex35 Naturgy rates

EUR 28.58

Data from the Ibex35 giants

Week of doubts about Naturgy!

Ibex35 Naturgy minimum tariffs EUR 28.19
The most rising prices of Ibex35 Naturgy EUR 28.55
Current rates of Naturgy des Bouquetins35 EUR 28.58
Ibex35 Naturgy session opening rates EUR 25.23

Data from the giant company Amadeus of the Ibex35

Naturgy, whose legal name is Naturgy Energy Group, SA, is a Spanish company that operates in the electricity and gas sectors. Its operational headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​while its headquarters are in Madrid and its current executive president is Francisco Reynés. Wanting to operate with Naturgy it is necessary to remember its best prices (28.55 euros EUR) and its lowest moments (28.19 euros EUR) of this session, today’s session which started with a price of 25 .23 euros EUR, currently being around 28.58 euros EUR.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/naturgy-energy-group-sa/

Real-time chart of Naturgy shares of the Ibex35, over a one-day time frame

Repsol as another of the less secure stocks…

Repsol minimum price of the Ibex35 EUR 11,897 EUR
Ibex35 The most rising prices of Ibex35 Repsol EUR 12,076 EUR
Current Ibex35 Repsol Prices EUR 12,089 EUR
Ibex35 Repsol Session Opening Rates EUR 13,805 EUR

Data from the giant Repsol of the Ibex35

Repsol is one of the actions that attracts the most attention. Repsol, SA is a multinational energy and petrochemical company of Spanish origin, with headquarters in the Spanish capital, which was founded in October 1987. We know its starting prices, which are 13,805 euros EUR. Currently, the listed prices have risen to EUR 12,089. However, among the mentioned prizes we appreciate two prizes; one from the maximum of society and another from the lowest moment; of 12,076 euros and 11,897 euros EUR.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/repsol-sa/

Real-time chart of Repsol shares from Ibex35, over a 1-day time frame

Iberdrola disappoints investors…

Iberdrola SA minimum quotes on the Ibex35 EUR 9,662 EUR
The highest prices of Iberdrola SA on the Ibex35 EUR 9,888 EUR
Current prices of Iberdrola SA on the Ibex35 EUR 9,856 EUR
Iberdrola SA login course on the Ibex35 EUR 8,922

Data from the giant Iberdrola SA on the Ibex35

Iberdrola SA, is a Spanish company headquartered in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It is a group of companies dedicated to the distribution, production and marketing of energy. Do you invest in Iberdrola? Their prices are those of EUR 9,856 at the moment, meeting their lowest moments before and the best prices of today; of 9,662 and 9,888 euros EUR. Let’s not forget the starting price of the session, which amounted to 8,922 euros EUR.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/iberdrola-sa/

Real-time chart of Iberdrola SA shares from Ibex35, over a one-day period

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