Veronica’s Grand Finale in MasterChef 10

“I didn’t like my routine before, I was in a job where I wasn’t comfortable, I wasn’t happy. So, well, I think now when I leave here , it will be September, October or December; Being the saddest month of the year, I am no longer sad because I dedicate myself to something that I love. I want to return to the routine, it is not a bad thing,” he explained. Speedwell between tears presenting the last dish of his menu. What a journey the candidate has experienced through the kitchens. It is spectacular to see how, thanks to this, he succeeded break through a shell of perfectionism and insecurity let one in ten leaders be seen. A person who loves cooking, who came with a terrible fears backpack that they didn’t let her shine and that she finally feels she’s letting Veronica see who she really is.

An emotional Pepe Rodríguez handed him a scarfin full final evaluation, as applicant support symbol. Through tears, Veronica expelled all the talent she the frustrations without cutting. Some accused him of arrogance, but in reality he had every right to fight for your dream, wanting to be the best and bursting into tears when something doesn’t go the way she thought it would. Of course, the candidate’s main problem has always been not knowing how to deal well with all these monsters that prevent him from continuing beyond being completely transparent. Because it’s so important to allow yourself to naturalize being sad or angry; how to do it in one conscious and healing way. Now Verónica cries freely, but she does so to release the tension and be able to keep fighting. Through the kitchens, she learned, and we learned with her, that no one should be judged on first impressions. That it is extremely important to wait and get to know people better.

“Veronica what you really hurt me. I’m glad I said no to you last year and that you’re so strong this year. With this passion that you have inside to dedicate yourself to the blessed cuisine that has happened to many of us, this passion that you already live and which hopefully will serve to guide you in this world”, has said Pepe Rodríguez to Verónica, proud of the claimant’s incredible closing dish. The applicant fought against winds and tides to be recognized by the judges. In the semi-finals, Jordi Cruz himself apologized for not having understood very well the way in which the candidate evolved within the talent: “I want to apologize, because what I thought was pride was makes it a fight never to give up”.

Thanks to their social networksVeronica explained to her followers how did he live his experience in talent. And, in particular, I asked all those hateful who speak without knowing that they were aware of the harm they could do to people. “I take this opportunity to send a message to all those who make fun of us when we cry on RRSS, please stop perpetuating the message that crying is something negative. This step is already complete. Bringing out emotions is always, always, a good thing. And thank you for all the messages of support, which are hundreds and hundreds, it’s incredible. They all come to me, I read you. Thank you very much, really “, a- she manifested on the networks, in turn highlighting the change that entering MasterChef 10 has meant for her. “I wish I could talk to 16-year-old Veronica and tell her to worry less. About everything, about life in general. That everything isn’t so complicated, that nothing happens if you fail. That in fact, it’s good to fail. You have to move on, grow. This perfection can be very harmful. I would tell her not to be so cruel to herself, to remove all this pressure that is only blocking her All these fears. Let him trust”.

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