Uruguay dreams and goes crazy with Luis Suárez

It’s “S” week. These days, today, tomorrow, the past, already, Luis Suárez must define his future. The World Cup in Qatar starts in November, we are already in mid-July, and the sky blue striker must join the dynamics of a club as soon as possible, be active for three months, August, September and October, and arrive in the best possible shape which will be his fourth and last World Cup.

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What was impossible at the beginning of June, because nobody in Uruguay imagined it, and it sounded like a utopia at the beginning of this month of July, is now taking shape. The return of Luis Suárez to Nacional, the club where he made his debut in 2005, is becoming clearer and has caused real madness in his native country.

Luis Suarez

Luis Suárez can play again at the Nacional de Montevideo

Every day that passes without a definition of the shooter, whether for Italy, Spain, the Netherlands or possibly MLS, is one more day to feed the illusion of Nacional.

It is clear that none of the offers received satisfied Súarez, because otherwise he would have already made a decision. Whether it’s the football destination, the potential team’s potential, the city to live in with his family or the economic offer, nothing has definitely been settled for the shooter.

And then, now, hours from definition, Nacional is a boiling oven, full of hope.

Suárez himself started the story

The story began with Suárez himself, a few weeks ago, complaining that his first club, the Uruguayan Nacional, had not “pampered” him enough, as the Argentinian River Plate had done.

Then, touched in their most intimate fiber, fans of the Uruguayan “tricolor” activated all their forces, with social networks as allies.

A hashtag and even politics intervene

The SUAREZANACIONAL hashtag was born, which hour after hour “pampered” Suárez. And since Sunday, the fact of placing in the Twitter profile photo of thousands of Internet users the photo of Luis with the National jersey has also been added to the campaign. Even politicians from Uruguay’s three main parties also joined in, substituting their official photo for Suárez’s.

Club president Jose Fuentes yesterday expressed his hope for the striker’s arrival this week. And repeating an argument that gains strength by its own weight: each day that passes without defining the player for a foreign club, is one more point to believe in his arrival in the Uruguayan institution.

It can be at any time. What is clear is that time is running out and Suárez’s announcement is imminent. It’s week “S”, and we will know where the historic striker of Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Liverpool and Ajax will play.

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