UCAM fans shout against Lima after signing for Unicaja

The unibox announced Monday the return of Augusto Lima after nine years in what was his home. The Brazilian landed in the 07/08 season at Los Guindos when he wasn’t even 16, but left in the summer of 2013 after Joan Plaza didn’t get the team young people in the new typographer project. For nearly a decade, the center has played for many teams in the Endesa League, Europe and even China. However, he is now returning to what was his first destination in Spain, which hasn’t gone down particularly well with UCAM Murcia fans.

Augusto Lima played for six seasons on the three-step varsity team. In recent years, he had established himself as one of the great figures of the team, being essential in the plans of Sito Alonso. Because of his way of being and his involvement in the game, he is an athlete who always has a great relationship with the public.. Following the team’s strong performance last season, the Brazilian decided to re-sign with Murcia at the end of April. Even if on June 2 the surprise jumped: the pivot ended his contract and left the team.

The now Unicaja player hinted at a series of reasons. “I want to fly and take on new challenges. When I returned to Murcia from Burgos, my intention was to leave the team in Europe. Part of me said once it was done I had to go back now that my team has shone again, they are on top and qualified for Europe”, he explained during a press conference to which he added: “I ask that my decision, which is personal , is respected. I know many won’t understand, but I’m like that and if I don’t feel something, I won’t.“.

And the truth is, he was right. Many UCAM fans berated and even insulted Augusto Lima via social media after his signing for Unicaja became official. Some have claimed that the incorporation took place by economic reasons and others have warned against the atmosphere that awaits the Brazilian on his return to the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia.

Despite these comments, other fans showed respect and wished the new Unicaja player good luck. However, he won’t be well received by his remaining fans when he returns to play in the typographer’s jersey. Although in the club there is not the same anger as in the fans of Murcia. Philippe Meseguer, communication director of UCAMwanted to send a message of support to his former player.

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