“ThePowerMBA – Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel” reaches more than 1,200 students

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  • “ThePowerMBA – Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel” includes, among other leaders, leaders from Expedia, IFEMA, Only You, Destinia, Costa Cruises and AON. In addition, access is free for associated establishments and offers preferential rates for independent hotels.

“ThePowerMBA – Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel”the training program created by Keytel and ThePower Business School last January, exceeded, in just 6 months, the 1,200 registered students. This initiative was launched with the aim of offering training to independent hotels (associated or not with Keytel), hotel chains and travel agencies and providing them with tools, thanks to the knowledge acquired, to accelerate the recovery of a of the sectors most affected by the crisis caused by covid-19.

The program stands out for its innovative educational model which, based on ThePowerMBA methodology, offers training capsules of only 15 minutes, accessible from any device and location. Thanks to this method, more than a thousand tourism professionals from fields as multidisciplinary as General Management, Commercial/Sales or Hotel Operations have strengthened their expertise through a program specializing in tourism and which is today has become a reference in the sector.

The feedback received to date by the students has been very positive, considering the initiative as dynamic, entertaining and with a complete, attractive and very interesting and useful program. In this sense, it should be noted that the participants in the training have highlighted the selection of experts and business leaders who participate in it, as well as the case studies and analysis of the best companies of the moment.

Free access for associates and preferential access for independent hotels

“ThePowerMBA – Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel” is available from free formfor all the hotels associated with the company through a “virtual seat” in the digital business school ThePower Business School. This implies that the establishment or the affiliated person not only has access to the specialized program in the field of tourism, but can also have access to all the programs offered by the most revolutionary online business school in Europe. In addition, Keytel provides additional “places” to access this platform for independent, non-associated hotels. And it will do so under exceptional economic conditions in order to be able to train, in the most transversal way possible, the maximum number of people within each organization.

The training is led by a total of 15 experts from leading companies in their marketslike Amouda Goueli, CEO of Destinia; Katia Estace, executive director at AON Iberia; Eduardo Lopez-Puertas, CEO at IFEMA; Luigi Stefanelli, General Manager at Costa Cruises – Spain & Portugal; or Amancio López, President of Grupo Hotusa. These great professionals tell, in the first person and in the form of an interview, their vision and their business model, and share their experiences on how their companies have worked to adapt to a whole new paradigm in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic and the new habits, needs and requirements of post-pandemic travellers.

See all information about “ThePowerMBA – Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel”: https://empresas.thepowermba.com/keytel/

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