The solar storm will impact the Earth: what is it, when will it happen and why is the phenomenon forming?

A solar storm could hit Earth this Tuesday, July 19, 2022, This was confirmed through social networks by a scientist who assured that the impact of the event against the magnetic field of our planet will cause problems in the GPS and radio systems.

United States Aerospace Corporation researcher Tamitha Skov revealed on Saturday, July 16, via her official Twitter account, that a solar storm could register against Earth this Tuesday.. The information was secured according to a purported prediction model available to NASA, which it used to perform the mathematical calculations. It should be noted that so far NASA has not confirmed and the negative version of the also known as “Space Weather Woman”.

“Direct hit! A snake-like filament launched like a large solar storm in the impact zone of the Earth. NASA predicts an early impact on July 19. Strong dawn shown possible with this, in deep mid-latitudes. amateur users radio there GPS expect signal outages on the night side of Earth.” expressed via Twitter, Tamitha Skov.

Tamitha Skovpointed out that although the solar storm is expected to hit the earth on Tuesday, July 19, this type of event cannot be predicted. “The long serpent-like filament weaved its way out of the sun in an astonishing ballet. The magnetic orientation of this #solar storm heading towards Earth is going to be difficult to predict. Level G2 (possibly G3) conditions can occur if the magnetic field of this storm is facing south! noted on Twitter.

How will the solar storm occur?

Researcher Tamitha Skov pointed out that the solar storm approaching Earth will form as an eruption or storm, in which all radiation will be released in an explosion, which can be seen from the planet as a series of auroras. or very bright lights that will impact the atmosphere.

The specialist points out that the geomagnetic storm could be moderate, which means that from a range of 1 to 5, it will have no negative effects and its effects will only be with the fall of technologies such as GPS and radio.

Important! On June 2, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that an eruption had been recorded on the Sun, an event which produced various details; i.e. a “solar flare” in space, however, NASA has repeatedly stated that “here on Earth we are shielded from flare radiation by our atmosphere, although they may affect communication signals”.

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