The parents of Violeta Mangriñán reunite twenty years after their divorce

  • Former ‘Survivors’ contestant’s parents reunite 20 years after divorce

  • Elvira and Luis have spoken for two decades ‘only through lawyers’

  • Violeta Mangriñán immortalized this exciting moment in a photo in which her sister Lila also appears

What beautiful news did he surprise Violette Mangrinan to his supporters. His parents met again twenty years later on a most important and significant date for the one who was a candidate for ‘survivors‘. After her divorce, several disagreements and contacts only through her lawyers, the Valencian woman experienced this family meeting with great emotion.

Son months of changes for the former tronista of ‘Mujeres y hombres y viceversa’, who is a few days away from giving birth daughter in common with Fabio Colloricchio. A last month that does something difficult for him, but that he faces with the greatest possible integrity.

Also, the influence will be encuentra en un momento de lo más satisfactorio a nivel professional (igual que Fabio, que está triunfando en el mundo de la música y tiene su agenda llena de bolos y conciertos), pero también a nivel personal, pues las obras of the house they build together has picked up a very good pace and is already starting to become a reality.

Work that the young woman follows closely, because as soon as she can, she travels to Valencia to supervise the whole process. Precisely on her last trip, the one who was a candidate for ‘Survivors’ experienced something of incalculable value for her: her parents met again twenty years later.

Violeta Mangriñán's parents reunite 20 years later

The exciting reunion of the parents of Violeta Mangriñán

Anyone who’s been following Violeta for a while knows that his parents have been divorced for more than two decades. And not only that, but communication between them was zero, only by legal means. But, as the influencer well admitted, Gala has superpowers and, although she has not yet reached the world, she has achieved the unimaginable: reuniting Elvira and Luis at a family get-together that they will probably never forget.

“It happened today. For reasons I will never share publicly, my parents had only spoken through lawyers for 20 years and the few encounters they have had face to face have been anything but friendly”, admitted the young woman, explaining that she is not ashamed to talk about it “because it is something normal” and that she “more than got over it”.

As she remembers well, “the beans are baked in every house” and “perfect families do not exist”. However, theirs knew how to put conflicts aside and bury the hatchet to join and welcome little Gala as she deserves.

“Gala has achieved the impossible, even before she was born,” wrote a moved Violeta Mangriñán, who couldn’t help but share this with her legion of followers. exciting reunion of their parents. A magical moment that the former contestant of ‘Survivors’ immortalized in a nice photo in which they all appear: his two parents, his lilac sister and her, all with a huge smile.

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