The IMPARDIBLE rudeness of Gloria Camila towards Ana María Aldón, discovered by Kiko Jiménez

Kiko Jiménez took advantage of his last visit to ‘Sálvame’ to talk about the contempt that Ana María Aldón had to endure from Gloria Camila and Ortega Cano, and in some he was present

Ana Maria Aldon He is going through the worst time of his life.. Her marriage to Ortega Cano is in crisis and the Andalusian wanted to open her heart in ‘Let yourself be loved’ featured in one of the most anticipated interviews after hitting rock bottom and confirmed that he was about to commit suicide: “Gema is already brought up and knows how to defend herself in life but My boy is 9 years old and he needs me a lot. He doesn’t deserve to be abandoned by his mother.. You have to keep fighting even if you don’t like the life you have, and find that desire to live again”, with these words the creator broke down in tears in front of Toñi Moreno completely devastated… Now it’s Kiko Jiménez who wanted to address this subject in ‘Save me’ and discovered all the ugly things Gloria Camila has done to her father’s wife in recent years.

Kiko Jiménez was part of the family of Glory Camillaand as you said, witnessed the scorn Ortega Cano’s daughter gave former ‘Survivors 2020’ contestant and he took advantage of his last appearance in ‘Sálvame’ to speak something and clearly about this thorny question.

“Ortega Cano has no voice or vote, think what Gloria Camila thinks”, began to let go of Kiko Jiménez very strongly with his ex-father-in-law. “It is very difficult for Ana María Aldón to live in her living room with, according to the journalists who visit Ortega Cano, such as Beatriz Cortázar and Paloma García-Pelayo… And then in the same programs she works in, she has to agree to be put on the shoe polish and beat her publicly while they’re friends with her own husband. Imagine the situation in which he leaves her”, launched the boyfriend of Sofía Suescun with great force.

kiko jimenez

Kiko Jiménez accuses Gloria Camila and Ortega Cano in ‘Sálvame’.


“Ortega Cano is a winning horse, Ana María is going to get sticks sooner or later. Whatever you do and whatever you say, it’s a war already lost.. As it happened to me in his time, as it can happen to Michu”, he continued to charge like never before against Ortega Cano and Gloria Camila.

The collaborator did not want to leave anything in the pipeline and assured that not only Ana María Aldón was affected by this situation, Gema, his daughter too: “There was a before and an after when Gema came to live in Madrid, she came to the kennel that Ortega Cano set up. What really happened there? Why was it closed if it had only been in business for six months? A business, since you invest money, you have to let it move forward, let it prosper. ” They hired people and decided to install Gema in a house prefabricated that Ana María had to pay. When they were working there for Gloria Camila, she didn’t like the expenses of that adjoining house being part of the business expenses and she didn’t allow Gema, her partner or her baby to live on.“.

Moreover, as if that were not enough, on the day of the wedding of Ana María and Ortega Cano, Gloria Camila did not want to give a gift to that of Sanlúcar de Barrameda: “Well, I’ll give the present to my father”Kiko Jiménez condemned putting his ex-girlfriend in a very complicated situation.

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