The best restaurants in Latin America and Spain, according to The World’s 50 Best

(CNN) — It’s been another good year for Peru, Mexico and Brazil, not to mention Spanish restaurants, which played a leading role in the awards that highlight the best restaurants on the planet, The 50 best restaurants in the world.

For Latin America, the global restaurant elite continues to be dominated by Peru, Mexico and Brazil at the annual World’s Best Restaurant awards ceremony.

The region’s best restaurant is in Lima, with chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León of Central moving up two places to second place, while Maido, which serves a Japanese-Peruvian fusion, dropped to 11th place.

Brazil’s Caso do Porco, a celebration of all things pork, climbed 10 places to No. 7 on the list. Further down at No. 47, another Brazilian restaurant, Oteque, in Rio de Janeiro, is on the coveted Global Top 50 list.

Mexico City was represented in fifth place by Pujol, which was also the best restaurant in North America in 2022, and Quintonil, which rose from 27th place last year to 9th.

What are the 10 best restaurants in Latin America? 1:35

In Buenos Aires, the famous Don Julio, a grilled Argentinian feast, also earned a spot on the acclaimed list, reaching No. 14 in the global top 50.

Peru again, but this time with Mayta, was in 32nd place on the list. Mayta, founded by chef Jaime Pesaque, is a contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant that only entered the list of the 50 best Latin American restaurants in 2019, and in 2020 it obtained the highest revenue award from the list.

In position 43 we find a Chilean restaurant: Boragó, by chef Rodolfo Guzmán, which offers in its Endemic menu “the generosity that Chile has to offer” in terms of gastronomy, with a menu that changes according to the seasons. It is located in Santiago.

And finally, at 48th place on the list of the 50 best restaurants, we find the Colombian quota with Leo, by chef Leonor Espinosa, named this year as the best cook in the world.

Meanwhile, Spain’s performance this year has also been solid. Enjoy, in Barcelona, ​​ranked third; Diverxo, from Madrid, climbed to fourth place, while Asador Etxebarri from Larrabetzu, where all dishes, including desserts, are grilled, fell to sixth place.

Geranium, from Denmark, the best restaurant in the world

Copenhagen was the big winner as, for the second consecutive year, a restaurant in the Danish capital was named the best restaurant on the planet in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

Voted the best restaurant in the world, Geranium serves a meatless, seasonal Scandinavian menu in the quirky setting on the eighth floor of Denmark’s national football stadium. It’s only open four days a week, a choice made by head chef Rasmus Kofoed and co-owner Søren Ledet to maintain a spirit of work-life balance.

Restaurants are only allowed to win the main awards prize once, after which they are entered into a separate “Best of the Best” program. Members of this elite group include Noma, neighboring Geranium in Copenhagen, as well as Eleven Madison Park in New York, The Fat Duck near London, Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, and Mirazur in Menton, France.

The rest of the list

Lido 84 and Le Calandre d’Italie also moved up the rankings this year. Uliassi, in the Italian region of Senigallia, was, in 12th place, the highest new entry this year.

It wasn’t until number 20 that an Asia-based restaurant appeared, with Den in Tokyo earning the top spot on this year’s list.

In the 20 years the awards have existed, no restaurant outside of Europe or North America has won the World’s Best 50 award. So far, all the winners come from Spain, USA, UK, Denmark, Italy and France.

Here is the list of the best restaurants in the world 2022, according to The Best 50 World’s Restaurants

1. Geranium (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2. Central (Lima, Peru) *Best restaurant in Latin America*
3. Enjoy (Barcelona Spain)
4. Divergence (Madrid Spain)
5. Pujol (Mexico City, Mexico) *Best restaurant in North America*
6. Asador Etxebarri (Axpe, Spain)
seven. The pig house (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
8. Pool 84 (Rivera Gardone, Italy)
9. quintonil (Mexico City, Mexico)
ten. The Grille (Rubano, Italy)
11. Restoration (Lima Peru)
12. Uliassi (Senigallia, Italy)
13. Steirereck (Vienna, Austria)
14. Don Julio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
15. Reale (Castel di Sangro, Italy)
16. Elkano (Getaria, Spain)
17. Nobelhart & Schmutzig (Berlin, Germany)
18. Alchemist (Copenhagen, Dinamarca)
19. Piazza Duomo (Alba, Italy)
20. Den (Tokyo, Japan) *Best restaurant in Asia*
21. Mugaritz (San Sebastian, Spain)
22. Septime (Paris, France)
23. La Jeanne (Antwerp, Belgium)
24. The President (Hong Kong)
25. Frantzén (Stockholm, Sweden)
26. Restaurant Tim Raue (Berlin, Germany)
27. Hof van Cleve (Kruishoutem, Belgium)
28. The Clarence (Paris, France)
29. Hubert (San Cassiano, Italy)
30. Miscellany (Tokyo, Japan)
31. Arpege (Paris, France)
32. Maita (Lima Peru)
33. Atomix (New York)
34. Franko House (Kobarid, Slovenia)
35. The Clove Club (London, England)
36. Odette (Singapore)
37. Fyn (Cape Town, South Africa)
38. Down to Earth (Copenhagen, Denmark)
39. Sorn (Bangkok, Thailand)
40. Schauenstein Castle (Fuerstenau, Suiza)
41. The Peak (Osaka, Japan)
42. Quique Dacosta (Denia, Spain)
43. borago (Santiago, Chile)
44. Le Bernardin (New York)
45. Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)
46. ​​Belcanto (Lisbon, Portugal)
47. Otec (Rio de Janeiro Brazil)
48. Leo (Bogota Colombia)
49. Ikoyi (London, England)
50. SingleThread (Healdsburg, CA)

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