Real Zaragoza’s final training session at Boltaña in their modified pre-season

End point of stay Royal Zaragoza in Boltana (Huesca). The Aragonese team leaves four days before the scheduled date in his concentration project in the Aragonese Pyrenees after having stayed headless on Saturday night due, mainly, to a heart condition that forced coach Juan Carlos Carcedo to be transferred to the capital’s clinical hospital. On Tuesday morning, the team said goodbye to Villaboya soccer field with the fourth and last preparatory session in this usual place for so many years. There won’t be any more this time. Everything that was designed for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday here in Sobrarbe is transferred entirely to the Ciudad Deportiva de Zaragoza.

Sebastián Corona, second to Carcedo, accompanied by all the technical staff of the Blanquillo club, led this new chapter of tactical and technical rehearsals in Boltaña’s premature epilogue, with a new dose of offensive plays, insistent blows and from different positions, in charge of all the players of the vast team, which with the signatures of sweet bread there Molina in the last hours (they will join the group already in Zaragoza this Wednesday) it again exceeds the 30 components.

Physically fit goalkeepers (or Christian Alvarez in Mouse are still in goal, suffering from unspecified physical ailments), both the recently signed Rebollo like the subsidiary Acín, were peppered with shots on goal for two hours of maximum offensive intensityinterspersed with a small aiming circuit (hockey size). the goal of Julien Simeone there Petrović It was the highlight of the efficiency sectionin a high level of application of the whole team which has not ceased to be applauded by the technicians.

In the end, for the vicissitudes and abnormal circumstances that have altered this stay in Boltaña from the 1 minute in the summer of 2023, with the hello heat also as a reason for discomfort in a place where they came looking for a climate different from that of the capital of Zaragoza that was not found for insoluble causes, they changed the rhythm of the team and its surroundings. The initial plan is abandoned in advance and he returns home.

the first friendly pre-season, which took place this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. here in Boltaña against RZD AragonSubsidiary team of Second RFEF, It will therefore be held at the Ciudad Deportiva. In this case, not behind closed doors as it would be in Boltaña, but behind closed doors for the public, although it was broadcast on television in streaming by ATV.

The team will eat at the Barceló Monasterio de Boltaña hotel and, after a brief rest, Around 4:00 p.m. he plans to leave for Zaragoza, via Barbastro. The approach to the physical position in Zaragoza by Juan Carlos Carcedowhich is still subject to exhaustive hospital medical control, is currently considered a priority within the SAD of Zaragoza.

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