Real Madrid: Ancelotti and the club put pressure on the workforce with the Fifteenth

Flattery is weakening and Carlo Ancelotti and the leaders of Real Madrid know it well. The conquest of three titles last season, in particular League and Championshave multiplied the praise for some players who were doubted at the start of the campaign and who ended up captivating everyone for their football, their performances and their commitment. The Italian has already warned his players that the success is over, that the battle begins in a week in Las Vegas against Barcelona. Friendly match, but everyone knows, and Ancelotti the first, that At Real Madrid, matches without consequence are not worth it.

So much so that since the return the goal has been scored from the club itself: the fifteenth. There is no other possible choice. It’s not worth licking your lips about recent triumphs, but for that the machine has to work from the start and it costs when you’re told you’re the best. The best thing is that Ancelotti thinks the tank is not full in that sense. There is room for more, but they have to show it from the start.

Pintus explains the method and operation of training with masks

At every moment, the Italian coach highlighted the good atmosphere and the desire to win in a group that wondered and ended up sweeping. Ancelotti knows that Real Madrid are the champions he launched in pre-season, in his day-to-day work and that in the first games of the League Championship the groundwork was laid for what turned out to be an exercise brutal. He trusts the professionalism of the group, but he wants the players to start completely metallic because titles are not won at the start of the season, but they can be lost.

On August 10, the first title is already in play and Ancelotti hopes that the pre-season in the United States will serve as a starting point to measure the competitive level of Real Madrid 2022-23. As is logical, the team is not going to reach its peak, but I know that it is a goal set by the technical staff and the noble zone. There is no doubt.

Vini and Benzema

players love Benzema there vinicius monopolized much of Real Madrid’s protagonism in the last campaign. Prizes for these players and a few others will start knocking on the locker room door of Valdebebas in the next few days, starting with those of UEFA, which will be delivered during the Champions League draw on August 25 in Istanbul.

Price rain

The French striker, in addition to being the Pichichi and the star of the next MARCA awards, He will be the reference for all kinds of distinctions, starting with the Ballon d’Or or the best player in the Champions League last season or the Eleven or the best player for Transfermarkt, Eleven in the World Cup… Camavinga aims to be the Golden Boy, Courtois of being declared the best goalkeeper in the world and players like Vinicius or Modric being in FIFA’s ideal XI and any award worth its salt.

There is no doubt that the now captain will act as a locomotive to train the others despite the fact that he will touch that golden sky that was forbidden to him for a decade and has now made his own. He was an example and will continue to be throughout the season. He knows what he is, where he is and what he stands for.

Close to, modric, Carvajal, Nacho, casemiro there Kroos They will be the ones who set the tone in terms of hard work and dedication. They know that what they have won is no longer worth it and I know what awaits them. At Valdebebas, everyone thinks of number 15 in the Champions League. No one is hiding it. It is marked by the recent history of Real Madrid.

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