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The pandemic has accelerated digitalization of companies as well as transformed the marketing systems and traditional formulas of e-commerce. Companies such as ovixiaa digital transformation consulting company from A Coruña that, essentially, thanks to new software tools developed by its technicians, helps boost communication and sales of different companies through “automation and digitization process”.

explains it in Galicia in the first person Jorge Casals, its marketing director. “Ovixia was born in 2005 as an engineer. What we were mainly dedicated to was the development of material projects. It’s been three years since we started with more digital and software projects,” he says. One of the most successful is Filkers.

Filkers, more than 20,000 users in 130 countries

It is a platform based fundamentally on the democratization and automation of video marketing processes. In other words, the goal is to facilitate online communication and selling for any type of business. The idea, they explain, is that video marketing is a tool accessible to any type of e-commercewithout the need for extensive prior design knowledge.

“Filkers in a SASand software as a service, that is, you enter and register on the platform and have access to this tool,” explains Casals. He took a giant step in the midst of a pandemic: has over 20,000 registered users in 130 countries. “It is a global software whose idea is to help, for example, all those who have a e-commerce to streamline content creation processes, whether for social media, web design, or digital signage, among others. We offer you a tool with which they only have to synchronize their digital store with this service and the platform absorbs their entire catalog. In three simple steps, it automates video marketing processes,” he summarizes. “It’s a very useful platform for small businesses that, for example, don’t have the resources to have their own designer, but can now properly promote their products,” he adds.

Jorge Casals, Marketing Director of Ovixia explains in Galicia in the first person the successful experience of this A Coruña-based digital transformation consultancy

Filkers is a powerful tool but, at the same time, it is one more service platform within Ovixia, which is also determined to make the leap with large companies and communication agencies. “Filkers, due to its features, has focused more on helping customers with small businesses. However, there are larger customers with larger and more specific digital marketing needs, and that is what we are now developing more intensively from Ovixia,” says Casals, in the interview with Galicia in the first person.

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The path to big business

At that time, Ovixia made a qualitative leap and continues to develop more specific tools for large companies and people with special needs. “We continue to develop truly innovative marketing and sales process automation solutions,” says Casals, citing as an example the need for some companies to capture tracks (potential customers of a brand who have expressed an interest in consuming their products) through WhatsApp.

The objective, in this new stage of the company, is to continue its growth. “Capture the attention of large digital companies and continue to offer solutions to automate their content. The idea is that private and public companies are starting to integrate our content generation processes“, explains Casals.

“We were born in A Coruña and we are very proud of the great technological pole that is forming in the city and which is developing very quickly. But at the same time, how start, what we like is to see how the projects that are born here make the jump to the national level and abroad. We want to be international,” he says.

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