NASA warns of impending solar storm impact on Earth

NASA has warned that Today it will impact our planet and “snake shaped filament” coming from the Sun. Although they are also open to the possibility that the impact does not occur today, but rather tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (July 20 and 21). The storm will be of class G1, being the lowest intensity possible.However, Dr. Tamitha Skov assures that It will be a “Direct hit“it could cause”signal breaks (of satellite operations) in the night part of the Earth”.

What is a geomagnetic storm?

Nail `geomagnetic storm´ o ‘solar storm’ it’s a disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field, It occurs following an explosion on the surface of the Sun that releases magnetic energy that has accumulated in the star’s atmosphere.

To put the magnitude of these explosionsit is important to understand that one of them is equivalent to million hydrogen bombs detonating at the same time on the surface of the star. The enormous power of this solar explosion gives rise to a strong increase in the energy charged particles continuously produced by the Sun.

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