Nagore Robles opens up about his difficult relationship with his father for the first time

  • The presenter takes advantage of the summer to “dress her wounds” and also build bridges with her father

  • Nagore Robles was honest about some family aspects unknown until now

Oaks of Nagore He confessed that this summer serves him to relocate many things in his life. The presenter of Telecinco not only lets herself be seen without any type of filter on her networks, but she also gets to know herself. So much so that he took a step further and spoke for the first time about what it is that his relationship with his father and everything they went through to get to where they both are now.

After doing a deep reflection on her first summer as a young girl, the Basque takes out even more things than it has inside. And in a confession that had not been made until now, Nagore Robles revealed that it wasn’t always easy with his dad and that both have learned to try to have “a healthy relationship”. He dedicated his last Instagram post to her, accompanied by a few very revealing words.

Nagore Robles presents his father with a moving message

Nagore Robles presents his father with a moving message

Reviewing everything learned along the way, the ex-girlfriend of Sandra Barneda She said she was especially proud of everything she accomplished with her father. “When I upload the videos of the jokes with him, which are fantastic, you can’t appreciate, everything that we had to integrate to get there. In fact we are still under constructionand so many times you have to part ways to meet again at the right timeit’s not going to be our characters colliding like two mountain goats,” are the words with which he began his sweet story.

The presenter says he has inherited a lot of attitudes that he doesn’t always like, but there are others that he likes, who He had to leave his time and also his spacebut on this basis, patience and therapy between them This great miracle has taken place: “There has been an evolution, a desire to improve and even if it is often complicated, he also listens”, he explained.

Nagore Robles is aware that there are still many aspects between them to continue working on to build a stable and solid relationship, but she also understands the effort that both make and he values ​​it with all his heart: “Once he confessed to me that no one had ever taught him how he should treat the other, he just hoped not to be too late”, he acknowledged about his father in his emotional message and that he already considers the best step.

Nagore gets emotional as he recounts how he came out of the closet

Nagore gets emotional as he recounts how he came out of the closet

The presenter of Telecinco confessed that your coming out experience It was tough, but to keep growing and creating more father-daughter bonding, Nagore is clear on the only tools possible to make it happen. These are “communication”, “tolerance” and “emotional maturity” to overcome the ups and downs.

In fact, what she’s most proud of, as she said, is how their relationship has evolved and that, although Many times they exploded, hurt and regressedthe next steps were much further forward.

Thus, between the tears, he recognized that today he is “super proud, with puffy eyes but super happy heart”for all that father and daughter have accomplished over the years.

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