Melyssa Pinto talks about her romantic situation after distancing herself from Tom Brusse

  • The ‘Island of Temptation’ couple distanced themselves after their public kiss

  • Melyssa Pinto clarified if she has a partner and is in love again

Melyssa Pinto talked about his current sentimental situation after having made public his sentimental reconciliation with Tom Bruss with a romantic kiss. However, it looks like things have been cut short again for the couple of ‘island of temptations‘. Thanks to Instagram, the Catalan clarified how far she is and whether she’s in love or not.

Many doubts and rumors have appeared in recent days regarding the second chance that Melyssa and Tom seemed to have given themselves. After your romantic kiss on the lips in a nightclub and the beautiful statements of the former contestant of ‘Survivors’, who shouted from the rooftops that the influencer is the woman of his life, it seems that the magic that reigned between them has again broken.

Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse confirm their reconciliation with a public kiss

Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse confirm their reconciliation with a public kiss

Especially, after Amor Romeira made him join the Catalan photos and videos in which the Frenchman is seen with another woman a few days before kissing her in public. A series of tests that could have become the reason for this new falling out with the coupleto whom it seems that their reconciliation did not even last a week.

Or that is, at least, what the followers of Melyssa Pinto think, who has publicly clarified that at the moment his heart is occupied by no one. Some of the most direct statements that took everyone by surprise. Especially after his first words after the kiss. And it is that, -in the mouth of Lola-, she said she was very happy and excited about this new stage that she had to live.

But this happiness seems to belong to the past. Without hesitation, Melyssa Pinto publicly admitted that she is not in love, which made many think that his with Tom could have failed again. Although she has not confirmed it directly, the strength of her words seems to indicate that she has experienced a new disappointment in love. “I am not in a relationship”he pointed out, publicly ending his dating with the Frenchman.

“You are very interested in it,” he admitted, who delighted his fans by explaining his state of mind. “At this moment I am falling in love with myself again. Although you know me and you know that I will always love love”, wrote the young woman, who did not stop giving details of the moment he is currently going through emotionally.

A new sentimental setback which once again truncated its want to become a mother. Although motherhood is in her future plans, she is still waiting to find her prince charming. “The day I find the right person. A person I trust, respect me, care for me and love me. Someone I’m not afraid to start a family withbut make me want to have it,” wrote the 31-year-old, who still dreams of that moment.

A motherhood which, it seems, will not be with Tom Brusse, whose has distanced itself significantly after rumors that the Frenchman could have been seeing other women days before kissing Melyssa Pinto on the lips. Despite everything, the influencer herself admitted that “no one dies of love”.

And it is that after his last sentimental shocks (he broke up a few months ago with his last boyfriend, Sergi Castro), the one who participated in ‘The island of temptations’, you already know what the keys to coping with a breakup sentimental: “Time, family and friends”highlighted.

Such is her experience in this field, that she did not hesitate to advise a follower who came to ask her advice. “Spend your time on things that make you happy. Don’t lock yourself up or complain and, if you do, do it while you’re traveling or going to the beach or drinking wine with a friend,” he said. encouraged the former survivor, who seems to be precisely in this vital point, surpassing the new bump that took with the former tronista of ‘MyHyV’.

Melyssa Pinto talks about her current romantic situation after her public kiss

Melyssa Pinto talked about love on her social networksINSTAGRAM

Additionally, Melyssa Pinto acknowledged that, for her, go to therapy played a key role in this process. “My psychologist helped me a lot”pointed out the former ‘Island of Temptations’ contestant, who is in a phase of self-discovery after publicly confessing that She doesn’t have a boyfriend and that her relationship with Tom Brusse is more than settled, despite his public kiss.

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